Friday, August 4, 2017

Last Week of July

Summer is coming to a close and I am so sad. It has been so fun to have Kate home. Truly it has. She is such a good helper, she is so sweet and fun and seeing the true friendship form between Kate and Millie has been pure delight. Sure they fight but I often find myself just taking a break or sitting around the corner just to hear them giggle and talk.

As summer is wrapping up I asked Kate what she wanted to do these last few weeks...she immediately said go to the Science Museum! Other ideas included going to the zoo and going to the drive-in movie (one of the last things we needed to do on our summer bucket list). So you better believe we did just that.

Sunday Tim was home! We invited a new couple over for dessert. So we made pie. So good! I've got the best little helpers. And even Tim got in on the helping action.

With the coming of August monsoon season is here! We have been loving our almost daily sudden bursts of grey clouds rolling in and the sudden down pours. It really is pretty crazy how quickly a storm comes in. We've had a lot of thunder and lightening in the evening and even some cooler temperatures. That's why we decided to help to the zoo on Tuesday and even got some swinging in.

Playing with friends at the zoo splashpad. I was excited to go on a day where the high was only 102. But was disappointed that it was still hotter than I would have liked. There is a reason we haven't been to the zoo it weeks. And I think we'll have to wait a few more before we go back. I can't wait for November when we can go to the zoo and it just be delightful.

Sign of a successful summer day though, right?!

Henry loves to climb! And get into everything!!! The table once was a safe place for the girls to play when they needed to keep Henry away from tiny pieces...but no more. This kid's favorite place is on the table. No matter how hard I try I can't keep him off of it! Silly boy!

My phone's screen went crazy this week so aside from not getting any pictures of Kate and I school shopping, which I'm so sad about, I spent way too much time and energy on Wednesday trying to get it fixed. What a headache. And dang it's crazy how much we rely on these phones. Anyway... I'm pretty sure I broke into tears at some point and amidst the girls complaining about something I must have said something about how I am trying to be a good mom or something....I later got these sweet note from Kate. It says, "I love you. you are a very nice mom." She's a sweetheart.

We spent plenty of time in the pool this week too in between the storms. And on Wednesday night the Bahr girls hit the drive in movie to see Cars 3!!! There's something so fun about doing something for the first time! The girls loved setting up their beds in the back of the van and insisted on packing a bag of stuffed animals. 

The movie started at 8:30pm. Millie made it until almost 9:30 and Kate stayed awake for the whole thing. Kate can talk of little else since and is already plotting our next visit. 

Thursday we headed to the science museum with on of our best buds Lola and her family. 

The girls got a real kick out of this table they had out of rocks and minerals. I think we stayed right here for a good 25 minutes. They loved looking at the crystals and sparkly rocks. Henry though not so much. 

This picture is becoming quite common!

Visiting Dad at the hospital.

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