Wednesday, August 9, 2017

First Week of August

We really had to soak up summer and make it count! School starts next week. And I'm really sad. It has been so fun having Kate home. She is such a great big sister. She loves to help, is eager to help clean up and surprise me and her and Millie have SO much fun together playing make believe and princesses. I found about 50 pictures like this (above) on my phone. These Magic Clip princesses have been and remain a favorite for sure! 
We finished our summer bucket list last week (except one thing...going to a Diamondback's baseball game...which is so sad we didn't make it, we love baseball...but with Tim's schedule it just didn't happen, anyway). I asked Kate what fun things we still needed to do before school start... we headed to the children's museum on Monday for a fun filled morning. How we love it there!

Tuesday Millie had dance and we had one of Kate's best buds over for a play date. We are so sad that Olivia won't be going to Quail Run this upcoming school year. She moved half-way through the school year last year and it is just too far of a drive. 

Henry double fisting black beans and was like this when we ran out. 

Wednesday I took Millie and Henry to tot town. Kate stayed home with a post call Daddy. 

We spent a lot of time at the pool. And Tim and I even enjoyed an afternoon weekend date to Top Golf! It was SO much fun! 

About a month ago Kate fell in love with this rainbow like tulle skirt in the Hanna Andersson catalogue. I did too but couldn't swallow the $54 price tag. Tulle is so cheap and I knew I could make her one almost as cute for fraction of the price. So we hit up JoAnn's and we were both pretty happy with the result. I will probably reattempt another one later that is a bit more gathered. 
 Thursday the girls had dentist appointments. Super exciting adventure before school starts, right? Kate did perfect. Millie cried through the whole cleaning but once the dentist came in she was awesome and let them paint on the fluoride. 

Tim worked a couple nights this week so the girls and I took advantage of him being home sleeping during the day.  We were supposed to go to a friend's house and swim but last minute they had to cancel so we grabbed a special ice cream treat just us girls during Henry's nap. 

More monsoons and rain!!!
Friday the girls got haircuts. Kate really wanted to go shorter so I let her and she loves it! She loves how her and Kit match even more now. 

Tim had Saturday off!!! Yay! So he got to take the girls to our favorite first Saturday of the month activity, the Kids Workshop at Home Depot. 
Then later that evening we went to the now 2nd Annual BBQ/Swim party with two of the other residents in Tim's program (they are both a year behind Tim) and their families. Both families are LDS too... between the three families there are 10 kids! Pretty impressive. 

We also enjoyed a lot of just play time at home. Soaking up these last days with my precious kids. They aren't always easy and my patience often wears thin but I truly am so thankful to be their mom and love spend my days with my crew. 

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