Monday, July 3, 2017

Last Week of June

Oh man...coming home and having our AC brake was a big bummer! We got home at 12:30pm. Tim got off his 28 hour shift and was home by 1:30pm. It was funny as I brought all our luggage and stuff in the house did seem a little warm but I thought it was just because I was hauling stuff in and heck it was 110 degrees outside. At one point I checked the thermastat and thought hmmm 83 maybe Tim turned it up since he wasn't home much. But then it kept inching up. I had told the girls we could go swimming so before we left I called our landlord. Unfortunately on a Saturday late afternoon and with the AC repair companies swamped they wouldn't be able to come till Monday morning. So off we went to the hotel. The girls were so bummed to not get to be home. I mean we had just gotten home. I was bummed too. The girls begged to have dinner at home. They were sick of eating out. So I cooked some pasta in our 86 degree house before we headed out. Fortunately our bags were already packed and my mom had been so sweet to do all our laundry before we left. Although this staycation was not ideal.

By the time we checked in, the girls were SO excited to be at the hotel. We had a suite which helped so we weren't all in the same room. And the yummy breakfasts in the morning were a nice bonus. We played a lot of back and forth realizing we needed something else and then having to check out and check back in because come Monday morning though we found out they in fact weren't going to be coming and tried to schedule us for Wednesday. My landlord threw a fit and got us an appointment on Tuesday between noon and four.  Of course Tim had another 28 hour shift mixed into it all which left me to deal with it all. My dear sweet friend Sydney invited us over Monday for lunch and so Henry would have a cool place to take his nap while we swam in their pool. And then she offered and had us over again Tuesday. With needing to check out this was a huge blessing. And my sweet neighbor next door who now works from home offered to let the repairman in so we didn't have to go hang out at our 99 degree house. Yup, you read that right it got up to 99 inside our house! Tuesday at 12:30 they finally made it over and within 20 minutes had it fixed. I couldn't believe it only took 20 minutes to fix. Had we all only know it was be so quick they probably could have seen us sooner. But I was just thankful it was fixed and by the time Henry woke up from his nap and we said thank you to the Wrights (2 hours after it was fixed) our house was down to 90. Kate had her first day of summer dane at 4pm. I had hoped by 5:30 when we'd get home it would be down. And it was down but still warm. But with fans we would definitely be able to sleep at home. Thank goodness! It did end up taking 11 hours total to cool the house down to 78 degrees which seemed like a lot but then again our house was up to 99 so I guess that made sense.

Looking back it will make for a pretty good story I suppose. I'm just thankful for good friends and neighbors and have never been so thankful for working AC!

We went to the library after Henry's 15 month appointment on Monday morning. Then headed over to our friends for a afternoon of dressing up and swimming. 

I got smarter by the 3 day at the hotel and had the girls bring some toys from home. Although his spinny chair provided quite a bit of entertainment.

SO SO happy to be home!
First day of summer dance for Kate! Millie will start after the 4th of July!

Wednesday we stayed home all day and stayed in our pajamas. It was just what we needed after still being on the go after thinking we'd be home on Saturday. I unpacked, organized and we just played and enjoyed being home!
Modeling some light up jewelry the girls made from a birthday present Kate received for her birthday. 

Thursday Kate had a play date with her BFF from school Olivia. They went swimming at her house. Millie was bummed not to get to go but I told her we could have some good mommy and Millie time. After putting Henry down for his afternoon nap I came out to find Millie had set up a tea party for me, her and two of her stuffed animal cats! She's the best!

Friday we enjoyed playing at the Children's Museum. Love playing with these three cute kids!

They were making firefighter hats at one of the tables in the art studio. Kate didn't want to make a fire hat. She had the great idea to make a 4th of July hat instead.

Henry discovered this week that he can climb up onto chairs and get on our kitchen table and desk. Great. It is so crazy how much more active and busy boys are!!!!!!

Millie insists on wearing her leotard to Kate's ballet classes. It's pretty cute.
Then Saturday we found out they were doing fireworks at on of the local parks which was great since Tim had Saturday off and he would have to work on the Fourth. We decided to try and get a babysitter for Henry since it would be so late and let's face it load bangs and booms don't go very well with babies. I actually thought Henry might enjoy the lights but had taken the girls to plenty of shows as babies that I thought it we could get a sitter we'd do it. 

We had a really fun night. It was weird to have a parents, Kate, Millie date. We missed Henry. The girls just loved running around the field and it miraculously wasn't too crazy hot. There was actually a bit of a breeze. At 9pm the fireworks started. They were great. But then all of a sudden they stopped. Turns out a fire had started and they cancelled the show. We were all so bummed to not see more fireworks and I just couldn't believe our luck. Of course the time I get a babysitter too. Anyway, getting out of the parking lot was a total disaster since they had to reroute everyone through this one way. But fortunately no one got hurt in the fire and despite the traffic we had a great time. 


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