Tuesday, July 11, 2017

First Week of July

Can't quite believe it's July! Kate starts school on August 9th so in my mind we have 1 month of summer left. So sad! Kate started swim lessons this week. It's every day M-Th for 2 weeks. I wanted to sign up Millie too but worried about getting her to actually go in and in a group setting so I just signed up Kate. Which left me with entertaining Millie and Henry on the sidelines in 106 degree temps. They had a huge shade but still... we had lots of snacks, cool drinks and our personal mister.

The night before the 4th Kate declared it to be Stuffed Animal Eve and insisted on a party. This all happened right before bed of course. We indulged her and participated in crown making for ourselves and our stuffed animals. It was pretty epic! And Millie was kind enough to lend Tim her Cookie Monster and me her Minnie Mouse.

Tim unfortunately had to work on the 4th. I took the kids to our ward's flag ceremony and breakfast at 7am and made it on time! Boo-yeah! It was a fun way to start off the day!

With Tim working I did make any big BBQ plans. A lot of our friends were busy or out of town. So I decided despite the lack of Tim and other people we'd still have an awesome BBQ. But before that we did go to a local shopping area to meet Moana and Ariel! And you better believe we were the first ones in line! Sokol style!

We also had to get some ice cream! 
Then as we drove into our neighborhood my tire pressure light turned on. As I pulled into the garage and got out I heard the loudest hissing sound. Turns out there was a 3 inch shard of glass sticking out of my tire. Fortunately I thought quickly and backed out the van out of the garage before the tire went super flat. It was the passenger front wheel and would have been pretty impossible to get to had I left it in the garage. Talk about a big bummer though. Fortunately though we had made it home and I wasn't stuck on the side of the road in 110 degree temps with my 3 kids. We were home and thanks to Geico Roadside someone came and put my spare on within the hour so Tim wouldn't have to when he got home. 
We spent Henry's nap prepping for dinner, making apple pie (because what's more American then that) and cranking up patriotic tunes!

The girls played in the kiddie pool too and helped make our fruit kabobs. 
And then Tim surprised us with getting off early! And made it home just in time to turn on the grill on for me and cook our kebabs and hot dogs. It was so wonderful to have him home! Made it feel more like a holiday!

We also went swimming while our homemade ice cream churned. Here's Kate sneaking a taste. Sooo good!

We did sparklers early so Henry could enjoy them before heading to bed. And before me and the girls last minute decided to join some friends to go see fireworks. 

Tot Town on Wednesday always makes us happy!

Kate saw a set of Wellie Wisher (American Girl Doll) books she really wanted at Costco. I told her she could use her lemonade stand money to buy them but she didn't have enough. I probably need to be better about having the kids do chores at home. I mean they make their beds, keep their room clean and help unload the silverware from the dishwasher but otherwise we kind of just do it all together or I do it. But Tim thought we could give Kate a little money to do some not so typical chores and Kate went at them with gusto. It was pretty dang cute! 

Wednesday I tried to get a new tire but unfortunately they had to order one in. So it wasn't until Thursday that we could get it fixed. What was supposed to be a 45 minute job turned into us being at Costco for 2-1/2 hours. Several things went wrong on their end and thus they felt horrible and got us pizza dinner. The kids were definitely ready to go home (see Millie's face) but once we got the pizza they were pretty happy.

Friday we met up with our friends the Duncan's at a splash pad in Mesa! The kids had a ball. And I had to get in quite a bit to cool off!  I'm bummed I didn't get a picture of everyone together...guess we were just busy having too much fun!

Sparklers a couple nights later in the dark!!!

Saturday Tim and Kate went on their date to the art museum! Kate loves it there and it's where she always picks to go with Tim. Last time they spent several hours sketching. It happened to be their free family weekend and they had tons of activities going on. They had a fabulous time. While me, Millie and Henry ran to Target and then just enjoyed playing at home.
Then Saturday Tim and I went on a date to a new taco place followed by playing games at The Yard. This cool restaurant/bar that has ping pong tables, bags, foosball etc. It's a cool place.

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