Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Third Week of July

 Henry's favorite little place to's the perfect little bench for him I guess. It totally cracks me up but also frustrates me because more than once he's pulled a glass jar out and it's shattered on the tile floor. I try to hard to keep him from getting in there and letting him sit there but sometimes it's just easier to let him play for a minute than deal with the tears. Oh man!
 Monday we had a kindergarten friend and his family come over to swim. This is the only picture I got as Kate and Conner walked back to our house afterwards. 
 We tried slime again and this time it worked. Thank goodness!

 Tuesday dance day for Millie and some library time (below). Millie and Henry both love this dragon statue as we walk in. We always have to hug and talk to the dragon!

Wednesday we met up some friends at the mall play area at the fancy Scottsdale Fashion Square. I should have figured their play area would be nicer...but dang it was like a mini children's museum. The kids loved the pirate ship the most. We will definitely have to go back.

Thursday morning Kim, Tim's mom came to town for a short visit. We had such a fabulous time! We went to Peter Piper Pizza, the new aquarium (which we had never been to before), Grandma B took Kate to do a little school shopping, we swam and just enjoyed having Grandma around. We were so sad she had to leave Saturday afternoon. Thanks for coming to visit Kim!

 So waving is seriously Henry's favorite thing to do! He is always waving and saying "bye." This week he started waving good night to me as I lay him down to bed each night. It's the cutest thing.
 Made sure we got to go swim with Grandma before she had to head back to Utah on Saturday afternoon.
 Saturday Tim and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary! 8!!! Kind of hard to believe. I remember our wedding like it was yesterday but then it also feels like it was so long ago. I mean heck we have 3 kids and with all our moves, med school etc. Anyway... Tim was post call on Saturday which meant we would get to go out on our actual anniversary!!! Tim worked a 28-hour shift Friday night so after getting a couple hours of sleep at home on Saturday afternoon he was all mine for our date Saturday night. Which was a real treat. I don't always get to see much of him on our anniversary. I distinctly remember one year pulling up next to the hospital in Iowa while Tim jumped into the car, we ate a cupcake from our favorite cupcake place in Iowa City and he jumped back out. This year we had a legit date. We went to True Food Kitchen and it was SO delicious. I've been wanting to go since shortly after moving here. We kept it low key but just enjoyed a nice evening out together. It was just what we needed!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Second Week of July

 Another great week full of sun and fun! I loved this picture I snagged of Kate on Sunday. I can't help but just smile when I look at it. She is just growing up and is so sweet and beautiful. Ahh! I also love how Henry is really starting to play with his cars and  trucks. It's the cutest seeing him load up this dump truck, bent over pushing it around. 

We also made copy cat Swig sugar cookies because it was National Sugar Cookie Day and went to visit Tim at the hospital.
 Monday we were back at swim lessons and Kate was rocking it. It's amazing the progress she's made. She can now swim! She doesn't wear a puddle jumper when we go to the pool anymore. It's awesome.

 A crazy FHE on Monday night. 
 And this epic sky Monday night! 
 Tuesday morning silliness. Henry has really started "wrestling." He loves tackling the girls and thinks it's hilarious. 
  Millie started dance again on Tuesday. She was SO excited. Just before we headed out the door Millie realized she didn't have Victoria...her doll. Victoria was still in her nightgown so of course she insisted we change her into her leotard so they could match.  Too cute. Millie was in heaven at dance.

 Tuesday was a great day. Not only did Millie just love dance but it was a day full of freebies. After swim lessons we hit up 7-11 for slurpees and then went to CFA for Cow Appreciation Day dinner! 

And the face painting lady was even there!!!

 Signs of a successful summer!

It was a big week at our house! I introduced the girls to a childhood favorite...The Parent Trap. First, the original one with Hayley Mills and then later in the week the newer one with Lindsey Lohan. Millie didn't last too long but Kate absolutely loved it. She loved both of them. It is so fun to introduce them to favorites from my childhood. Typically I use screen time as a time for me to get stuff done...but not today. It was so fun to just sit down and enjoy it together! Whenever I hear Kate singing "Let's Get Together" my heart just jumps. I love it.

 Last day of swim lessons with her teacher Katy.

 Tim's car was up for registration. When he realized it was super inexpensive to get a personalized license plate he jumped at the chance to get one. Here's what he got...NIPPV stands for nasal intermittent positive pressure ventilation. Neonatology nerd that's for sure. NIPPV helps premature babies breath. 
 A great Friday morning at the museum. Today was a good one.

 Then Saturday we headed to one of Kate's friend's birthday party. They had this huge blow up waterslide. I wasn't so sure Kate would do it but she didn't hesitate one bit and loved going again and again and again. Millie not so much though. She didn't go down once even though Kate begged her to. 

Tim was working a 28 hour shift Saturday so we made sure to keep busy. We attempted to make slime during Henry's nap. And it was a flop. Let us in a mess and disappointed. We tried a recipe with liquid starch and it did not work so I tried adding corn starch and it just got worse. 
 Fortunately, Saturday evening we met up with Kate's friend from school Ellis and her family. We had a awesome time swimming and even the dolls got into suits and pretended to go for a dip.