Tuesday, June 13, 2017

First Week of June

Welcome June! We started the week off with breaking in Tim's new grill after he got home from the hospital on Sunday. We spent a lot of time in the water this week at the pool, splash pad or simply the backyard. And also spent a lot of time just prepping and packing for our trip to Utah!

Kate also planned a tea party play date with three of her favorite school friends! Thank you Fancy Nancy Tea Party book we got at the library...Kate had lots of ideas of what we needed to do.... It was so fun though. At one point Kate told me "this is better than my birthday party!"

Tot Town also started back up for the summer. We will certainly be here a ton this summer escaping the crazy Phoenix heat!

Future baller?! Although his height is not to his advantage.

One of our favorite Iowa City friends, Whitney, is from Phoenix. It is also such a treat when she comes to town to visit her parents and makes time to see us!

Then Friday we headed down to Tucson for the new Temple Open House! I've been hoping to be able to take the girls to see inside the temple for so long. And finally a new temple was opening close enough to us for us to be able to go. Before an LDS temple is dedicated we invite everyone to come see inside. It was a really special experience! And although I wasn't so sure driving 2 hours the day before we would be driving up to Utah was the best idea it was totally worth it.

Kate has the exact same dress that the little girl is wearing in this picture. And she almost wore it but decided last minute to change...she was bummed that she wasn't wearing it when she saw this giant picture at the open house.
Henry was drawn to this Christus statue. It was really sweet!

And while we were in Tucson we were finally able to go visit my cousin Brian and his darling family! And it just so happened that my Aunt Joia and Uncle Brian were in town. It was so fun to catch up with them. 

And now we are off to Utah! Can't wait for lots of cousin fun and cooler weather!


  1. That table cloth on your table at the tea party is gorgeous! I was so excited to take our kids into the Philly temple during the open house. Such a unique opportunity! So fun that you get together with Whitney! I didn't even know she had kids!!

  2. You have waited a long time to take your little ones to a temple open house. What a dream come true, Hay! So glad you got to go to the Tucson Temple together! Love seeing your fun photos of all the fun things you are doing. Kate's darling tea party looks like it was so fun!