Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Third Week of May

I woke on Sunday morning with the best "Happy Mother's Day Mom!" from Kate! She then rushed into my bed and handed me the sweet stack of things she had made a school that she had apparently "brought home on Tuesday and hit under Millie's bed so you wouldn't see!"

Tim unfortunately had to work 7-7 so I was alone for church and even last minute got asked to sub Millie's Sunbeam class. Talk about Happy Mother's Day to me, right?! It actually turned out well and as I reflected over my day I found it a bit funny how most of us, me included, hope on Mother's Day we will get out of the typical motherly responsibilities we have. I decided though that it is because I'm a mom that I get to do those things and tried to enjoy and be thankful instead. I don't think I explained that very well but when I made that switch in my head it made my day so much better and very sweet actually. 

Don't get me wrong though I was touched that Tim took the effort and made a lasagna the night before (and let's just say Tim never cooks so this was a big deal), Tim got me some gorgeous flowers and when I talked to him after church we decided to head down to the hospital after Henry's nap so we could see him. 

The girls made these cut finger print magnets in Primary. 

I meant to have someone at church snap a picture of my and my sweet kids but it just didn't happen so this selfie was the best I got. 

Kate's two BFFs at school have the same pink shirt from Target. One day they just so happened to wear them the same day. Kate came home that day saying she felt a little sad that she couldn't be twins with them. Fast forward to her birthday...her friend Olivia gave her the same shirt so the girls planned to wear their pink shirts on Monday and they totally LOVED it. 

Happy boy playing in his cardboard house!

 We didn't have a whole lot going on this week. We did go to the zoo on Thursday, I think it was... with some friends. Henry especially loved petting the goats!

This week I discovered that Henry can climb up the girls bunk bed ladder. YIKES! Almost gave me a heart attack when I found him like this. He totally loves it and thinks it's the best thing. We now have to keep the girls door closed. This boy, I tell you, he's just asking for trouble. He's definitely a boy!!!
Friday after tumbling I had a nutrition consult. This month Tim get one morning a week to do research and work in the NICU... I was able to drop the kids off at the hospital with Tim and they had a party eating pizza and playing on the playground.

Friday was also Kate's school annual Water Day. One of the kindergarten teachers husband is a firefighter so they bring an engine and spray the kids with the big hose. The kids also bring spray bottles and have a ball. I wasn't able to go but a friend sent me this silly picture.

Thanks to my mom, she informed us it was officially Kit's birthday on Friday too. Only 1 week after Kate's! Could it be anymore perfect?! Tim just so happened to surprise us with doughnuts when he got home so we made a doughnut cake for Kit and had to sing to her of course!

Swimming fun on Saturday morning. And lots of lego building! Kate got her first real legos, meaning the small ones, set for her birthday! The girls love them and they haven't stopped playing with them. And my kitchen table has now covered in them! And Millie loves taking pictures of them! 

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