Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Second Week of May

We had an awesome week as it was Kate's birthday week! It's just so fun to celebrate all week long. Kate and I planned a little activity each day to make it extra special.

Sunday Tim and I subbed Millie's Primary class. Those little Sunbeams are so cute. And Henry wanted to just sit right there with them like a big boy! He's a total distraction but it made for a fun day! We also enjoyed a little bike ride around the neighborhood that culminated in playing family hide-n-seek at the green space by our house. The girls LOVE hide-n-seek and are pretty tricky hiders. We had an abnormally cooler week, which was so welcome. Sure wish it could stay awhile but I guess we will just take whatever we can get.

Here's the plan for the week.  Pretty simple little activities but they meant a lot to Kate. I taught preschool again. We talked about the 5 senses. It was a fun morning exploring different textures, playing with water beads, blindfold tastes tastes and such. 

My mom also informed me that Monday was National Have A Coke Day so I couldn't help myself and stop and get a cheap fountain Diet Coke from McDonalds before picking up Kate from school. After school we headed to the park to enjoy the cooler weather and eat some popsicles. 

Henry loves digging in the sand and the girls tried some tricker, newer parts of the playground they had never explored.

Tuesday we headed to zoo! And then stopped by the hospital to see Tim and have lunch.

Like I've mentioned Millie especially loves taking pictures with my phone. She captured this cute pic of Henry and me as we waited for Tim.

In-home manicure and pedicure for Miss Kate!

My dear friend Sydney and I take turns car pooling for after school pick up. Most days we end up playing for an hour or so. And I loved these pictures I captured of the kiddos as they enjoyed their popsicles. That is childhood for your right there...friends, popsicles, smiles, silliness and playing outside.

I tried to snag a couple official "Kate's Turning 6" pictures. Kate was actually really excited about the idea of taking pictures and immediately ran upstairs to get ready after I suggested we go take some.

The lighting was great but for spending just a few minutes I was happy to just capture my sweet girl.

Thursday, the day before her birthday, we took Kate out of school to run to Chick-fil-a for lunch. She felt so special getting to leave school for a special lunch and loved getting a frosted lemonade. She was a little bummed to have to go back for the afternoon but went back with no fuss. So proud of my big girl!
We then also opened the presents from my parents Thursday evening because we knew the next morning would be busy with opening a few presents for us, getting ready for school and I was also going to have to go drop off Millie and Henry at my friend's before school because I was going to get to chaperone for the field trip. 

Then fast forward to Saturday...I'm going to do separate posts for Kate's birthday and party. Last minute after Kate's party on Saturday Tim thought it would be fun to take the girls on a Mother's Day date to see Beauty and the Beast. Kate's been talking about wanting to go for weeks and we've been listening to the soundtrack non-stop. After watching the animated one many many times we decided Kate was probably ready (she's our scaredy cat that doesn't watch a lot of Disney movies because she says "they are too scary).  It was so fun taking the girls and they both loved it! Love these sweet girls of mine. Tim also enjoyed some special one-on-one time with Henry! They even made me a lasagna for Mother's Day that all I would have to pop it in the oven on Sunday so I wouldn't have to cook since Tim had to work. 

It was a pretty awesome week celebrating our favorite 6 year old! Pretty hard to believe it's been 6 years!

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  1. What a fun birthday week for Kate! Love all the cute pictures of our birthday girl, Millie, and Henry. They all are darling and are growing up so fast.