Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Kate's 6th Birthday- May 12, 2017

I've had all sorts of emotions about my baby Kate turning 6 years old! How has 6 years really gone by?! But more than anything I have been proud of the smart, passionate, creative, beautiful and kind girl she is growing up to be!

I was especially excited for Friday morning...as Kate was getting Kit, her very first American Girl doll!!! Kate's been wanting one for over a year and if you follow along you know how much we love and adore going to the store. I'm pretty sure I've been dreaming about this day since I found out that first baby in my tummy was a girl too! Over the last few months Kate's only become more interested in them. But they are really special dolls and although I got my first when I was 5 I wanted to be sure it was the right time. I spent a lot of time thinking about it, discussing with my mom and decided it was finally the right! 

Kate has always loved Kit (and Julie). Before kindergarten started last summer she decided she wanted her hair cut like Kit. Kate has always loved how her and Kit look so much alike. So naturally she wanted Kit. Long story short...when Kit was new to American Girl back in 2008 I think it was, I actually won a drawing at Barnes an Noble and won a free Kit doll...so I had a brand new Kit sitting in my old bedroom closet at my parents house. It was just too perfect! And so she got her! My parents brought Kit to California and unbeknown to Kate practically rode next to her on the way home to Phoenix. 

It was a fun morning and I loved watching Kate's mouth drop when she saw Kit sitting on the ottoman. 

Opening some fun presents from Grandma and Grandpa B. 

Birthday girls special breakfast of Einstein bagels! Kate initially said she really wanted to bring bagels as her birthday treat to school...I told her I thought something else might be better so she settled on doughnuts. Kate loves her carbs with wholes in them I guess :)

Kit coming to school with us. And of course she has to be buckled up too! 

Then to make the day only better... Kate just so happened to have a field trip on her birthday! She couldn't get over how cool that was. My sweet friend Sydney watched Henry and Millie so I could go. I loved getting to spend the morning with my birthday girl and I love watching her interact with her school friends. This was a walking field trip to a near by local church where we used their giant gym and played PE games and skills. Multiple times Kate told "this is the best day ever!"

This popped on my facebook and I had to take a screen shot. Look at my little toddler Kate!

We thought it would be fun to let Kate pick an outfit for Kit. So after school we immediately headed to the AG Store. And I tell you what it was magical! Walking in with a doll in arms was especially sweet.

Sweet Millie fell asleep on the drive there and transferred into the stroller. I was a little sad that she missed the whole thing (and she even brought her cute doll with her) but it was also kind of fun to have this special time with Kate. Henry was a super happy boy in the stroller too.

Birthday crown from school

After the AG Store we headed home. I had asked Kate where she wanted to go out for birthday dinner to which she replied she wanted to stay home and have pasta, her favorite meal. She later asked if we could go to Jamba Juice too so I had Tim stop by on the way home. Pretty easy gal to please. 

We had a brownie bite "cake" to celebrate Friday night. The Trolls cake was for her party the next day.

We then spent a good hour getting ready for bed that night. Changing the dolls into their nightgowns that Grandma had sent and brushing hair! I love these sweet girls and love that they love dolls as much as I did! Happy happy birthday my sweet Kate! We love you so much!

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  1. That is so crazy that you won a Kit doll all those years ago and it just happened to be the one Kate would love. What are the odds of that!?