Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Fourth Week of April

Well it was birthday week at our house! Happy birthday to me! My party-planner extraordinaire, Kate, insisted I needed a theme for my birthday. The kids have always had a themed birthday party. Kate suggested Beauty and the Beast. Belle (and Ariel) were always my princesses growing up and with our recent trip to Disneyland and the new live-action movie we've been on a real Belle kick. She's been making plans for weeks. But on Sunday during church she drew this cake and made this recipe for "Mom's cake. Chocolate frosting, yellow frosting, 2 eggs, oil...something...from Beauty and the Beast." 

Kate got her Spring pictures back this week. I was totally surprised and kind of thought it was a hoax when I found out Kate's school was doing Spring pictures...but then I thought about how much Kate has learned and changed this year and put these pictures side-by-side and I loved it. Love this beautiful girl of mine!
A counting caterpillar Millie brought home from preschool. And this capture of an intense game of Hungry, Hungry Hippos, Millie's favorite game!

It's my birthday week so heck yes I'm going to stop and get a frosted lemonade from CFA.
Love these daily papers Kate brings home. I love the sentences she comes up with. Today's read "My sister likes the zoo."
I realized Tuesday afternoon that I didn't  have enough powdered sugar to make the frosting for my cake so after school we ran to the store. With Kate in school all day I don't often take all 3 kids grocery shopping. It was actually really fun having Kate come along.  

Tim has mostly been working the 4pm to 2am shift. But by some miracle he was scheduled to work a normal 7am-5pm shift on my birthday! Yay! We decided we would meet up for dinner out as a family after work. With dinner and then wanting to do cake and my Belle party I knew we wouldn't have a lot of time. So we decided to open presents the night before. Lucky me!

After putting Henry to get it was time to decorate the cake. I made the frosting and provided some information about decorating tips etc. but it was totally Tim and the girls that did it. Kate was so tickled to turn her sketch into reality and I was touched by how much they care and wanted to make my birthday special!

Wednesday my actual birthday was a really nice day! I heard from my family and so many friends! Tim's cousin who lives in Glendale insisted on watching Henry and Millie for a few hours in the morning so I could have a little time to myself. I had some birthday money to spend and enjoyed a little kid-free shopping. I never get to do that and it was really nice. My friend Sydney took me to lunch and then we had a nice dinner out and then came home and enjoy my cake and had a tea party and a few Beauty and the Beast activities like coloring pages and making our own book marks!

Oh and the girls wanted to wear their Beauty and the Beast shirts for my party/birthday!

The day after your birthday is always just a little...oh... sad? maybe quiet is a better word. The anticipation is always so exciting and hearing from family and friends is so fun and then it's just all over. But Thursday me and the girls all got our hair cut. I cut off about 4 inches, so not a crazy big change, but a change no less. My friend, Kellie cuts our hair and we always love playing at the house after.

Friday was finally mine and Kate's date to go see Once Upon A Mattress. Our stake does a big production every 2 years and when we found out about it back at the end of March we decided it would be a fun activity for me and Kate. Kate's Primary teacher from last year played Lady Larken and Kate loved watching her perform. We then had to stop and get some ice cream on the way home too. 

And then Saturday Tim had the morning off so we adventured to the children's museum. It was fun to be all together!


  1. Now I regret not getting Oakley's spring pictures, dang it! The side by side of Kate is so good (and yeah, I though spring pictures was kind of a joke, too. When did they start doing that?) Kate is one good party planner. You are sure loved, Hayley! Cute haircut. And I totally agree that the day after your birthday is sad. 😥 But now I'm craving CFA fro lemonade!! So so good.

  2. This was an especially sweet birthday with your special cake made and designed by Kate, with help from Tim and Millie! You are a lucky mommy, Hay! Cute pictures of all the fun things you do! Henry looks so big and cute pushing the grocery basket at the Children's Museum! Love you!

  3. Happy birthday hayley! I love how much Kate loves to plan parties. And the difference between her fall and spring pictures is crazy! They just change so fast. Love your hair!