Tuesday, May 9, 2017

1st Week of May

These girls have especially loved playing princesses together this week.  They are into princesses more so than ever before. And they can play for hours!

Poor Henry always has a big bonk on his forehead...he got a really good one during sacrament meeting. Just when one starts to heal he always gets another. I guess that's just life with a toddler boy, right?!

After getting Henry down for a nap on Sunday I decided to try and snag one too. I left the girls playing princesses and awoke to find Cinderella and Moana happily still playing.

Kate has also really been into American Girl dolls. We read from this American Girl Doll Guide book we have every night and Kate insisted we hang up this poster. She is going to die on Friday when she opens her first AG doll, Kit! I can't wait!

Oh boy! Henry figured out this week that he can climb our slide. Fortunately he seems pretty safe about it all. And loves to do climb up and go downover and over and over again!
Another favorite sentence from Kate's daily worksheet, "My brother is small."

Kate was pretty proud of a super tall tower she build over at our friends, the Crapos, house.
Kate stopped sucking her thumb at about 3-1/2. However I think she still sucked it at night. When kindergarten started last Fall it kind of started to creep its way back when she was really tired. But over the last few months it started happening during the day and more frequent. I finally decided we needed to nip this habit again. She's done perfect during the day but we've had a couple really difficult nights getting to bed. Not sure why but a couple times she's asked to sleep on the floor and in total desperation I've said ok. One particularly hard night Millie didn't fall asleep super quick like she usually does and thus she wanted to sleep on the floor too. I loved this pic I snagged of their sleepover.
Millie loves building castles for her Magic Clip dolls with our Base 10 blocks. And a sweet sleeping Henry before I had to wake him up to go pick up Kate from school!

Birthday party prep for Kate's birthday...I initially wasn't thrilled with Kate's choice of Trolls for the theme but it's turned out to be pretty fun to prepare for.
Henry sporting one of his vintage Star Wars shirts on May 4th!
Friday my friend Chelsea and I headed over to Mesa to go the one of our favorite girls dresses company first warehouse sale. I was pretty excited that it just so happened to be in my city. I am proud to say we were second in line, had a lot of fun and scored some good deals too. It was fun to scroll through my Instagram feed and see us! 

And it wore the kids right out. Oh yeah, I didn't mention it was the hottest day of the year! Thankfully a cold front moved in and it's cooled down a lot. I'm not ready for the heat.

After school on Friday we also decorated Kate's teacher's door for the upcoming Teacher Appreciation Week.  And I had to share a few favorite writings from this week. Kate has a weekly journal they write in each day. They've been talking about going on journeys/adventures and so all this week she's been writing about going to Utah to see her grandparents (in both Orem and SLC), Disneyland and even Hawaii. 

"I go to Orem. I take my sleeping bag. I see my Grandma and Grandpa."
"I go to Salt Lake. I take my family. I see my Grandma and Grandpa."

Then Saturday we got to go see (and say goodbye) to some of our dear Iowa friends that have been living in Mesa, the Neiswenders. It was Cole's birthday. We have such fond memories of babysitting swaps and BBQs when Kate and Cole were just tiny babes...and now they are 6! They are moving to Pittsburg for a new job and although with the kids in school all day we haven't gotten together very often lately we will miss them dearly.
Kate loved the waterslide and jumping off the diving board. Henry ADORED Haley's parent's dog, Pete! Henry followed him everywhere waving his hands and squealing with delight. It was so dang cute. And Pete is the sweetest dog and let Henry pet him and never tried to nip him or anything.

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  1. Busy, busy week at your house, Hay! Can't wait to hear all about Kate's birthday tomorrow! Have lots of fun, wish we could be there with you!