Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Fourth Week of May- Last Week of School

A pretty epic week for us...for Kate! Kate finished kindergarten! Sending Kate to full-day kindergarten was tough on all of us. But she truly thrived and has grown and learned so much! And I keep telling myself at least we've already made that transition to going to school all day so going to 1st grade should be a piece of cake, right?! Anyway, I am SO proud of her and am so pleased at the beautiful girl she is growing up to be! 

Monday Millie had her last day of joy school! She is so sad to be done and continues to ask when she gets to go to school again. 

Tuesday, Kate had the kindergarten Alphabet Parade. She got assigned the letter Y and immediately had BIG plans of what she wanted to do. I initially wanted her to dress up as a BYU cheerleader but didn't want to rain on her big plans and figured very few of her classmates would get it. 

 Kate's entire class (above) and her two besties (below).

Millie wanted in on the fun so after saying good bye to Kate, Millie got to dress up too. And then proceeded to fall asleep on the way home at 10am. 

Wednesday, Millie, Henry and I hit up the children's museum for one last hurrah before Kate would be joining us all summer. The museum has this awesome room for 3 and under. Millie and Henry love it!!! But whenever Kate comes along we can't go (which makes both Millie and Kate sad). 

Everyone always gets a kick out of the role reversal. 

Then Wednesday was Kate's Moving On Ceremony...kindergarten graduation. It was cute, nothing elaborate but they sang a few songs and then all got to jump over this yellow rope signifying jumping into first grade! We then got to go to Kate's classroom where her teacher had prepared a slideshow of pics from throughout the year.

I really wanted Tim to be able to come. He obviously hadn't been able to make it to any other events throughout the year. It just so happened that he was on an easier clinic month where he got time every Friday morning to do some elective research time/NICU time. He was able to swap that time around and come! Best day ever!.

We are so thankful for Kate's wonderful teacher, Mrs. Storcz. 
Proud parents! 

Thursday was the official last day of school! This girl loves pigtails! 

Thursday evening we got together with two families from Kate's class (Lincoln and Conner were also in preschool together for a last day of school pizza party luau complete with slip n slide and water balloons. Lincoln and Conner's mom's were so good to help this first timer navigate school.

 He looks a little sad...but I had to snap this sweet picture of Henry as I laid him to bed for the night. I love how he loves his teddy bear, Mr. Bear and blankie. He loves snuggling with both of them!

To celebrate our first day of summer, Millie had her last day of tumbling. I actually almost forgot. I had told Kate she could stay in her pajama's all day. Wearing pajamas is Kate's favorite thing. The second she gets home from school she is asking to get in her jammies, so weird. Anyway, I kept my word and yep, Kate wore her jammies all day including to tumbling.

Millie loves her teacher Miss Suzy!

We also ran to Target to get Kate's prize for filling up her stop sucking her thumb chart. And had manicures and pedicures to start summer break!

Tim had Saturday off so we headed to Cracker Jax for some family fun mini golfing! We ended up getting rear-ended on the way there. And they hit and ran! Ahhh! So frustrating! Thankfully no one got hurt! And of course we have insurance but dang even just having to pay the deductable when it isn't your fault is disappointing. But we didn't let it ruin our fun and still went. Kate amazingly got 5 holes-in-one! It was incredible. Luck for sure....but who knows maybe this girl has found her sport?!

Tim and the girls also rode on the bumper boats!

Later in the afternoon, our dear med school buddy Greg's parents were in town and stopped by for a visit. It was so fun to see them and catch up! And then we headed to Kate's friend Ellis' party! What a week!