Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Third Week of April

I feel like this week was all about adjusting back to real life. Boo! Monday I taught preschool. We talked about weather and rain. I really enjoy teaching and I LOVE how much Millie loves going to preschool.

Cute matching Spring outfits for the girls from Grandma B.

Thursday I had to take the van in for a recall replacement thing. Tim's had a pretty crazy schedule with working in the emergency room this month. Most days this week he worked 4pm-2am. So since Tim was home sleeping I cranked the monitor way up (and also had talked to Tim about leaving Henry, don't worry) and let Henry get his full morning nap too. Millie and I enjoyed a little one-on-one time at the car dealership and cashed in on the free doughnuts and popcorn. Millie thought it was a total party! And fortunately it only took an hour.

Lately Millie has been doing a lot of keeping Henry away from her toys and/or shutting her bedroom door so Henry "can't come in and mess it all up." Poor sweet Henry! But she's also a really great big sister! Millie loves pushing Henry around in his car and Henry loves it too!

We enjoyed our first official family swim in our pool this season. The water is still pretty cold but it didn't stop any of us.

We also finally got around to cracking the confetti eggs my sister-in-law, Missy, sent to us. They made a pretty good mess but the girls got a kick out of throwing them and smashing them on each others heads.

We also enjoyed a zoo meet up with 2 of our favorite friends! I previously mentioned how my good friend Emily and her family moved back to Phoenix. We love having them back!! Henry particularly loved the splash pad. He is fearless and loves walking right through the squirting jets. Everyone around got a total kick out of watching him. And he cried when it was time to pull him away from the water and pack up for home.

Here's Henry sporting another vintage Star Wars shirt.
Tumbling Fridays. We signed Millie up for another round of tumbling at the rec center. She loves it so much! And here's my attempts at trying to keep Henry entertained during tumbling (below).

We got out our kiddie pool Tim bought at the end of the summer last year for $5 and the girls were entertained for a couple hours Saturday afternoon. I love going to our real pool but it was sure nice to just let the girls play outside and entertain themselves while I got a few things done inside while Henry napped.

Awesome Kate selfie I found on my phone! Just thought it should be shared! And then Saturday night Tim and I went on my birthday date! A few days early obviously but it was just easier to do now then next week. We had awesome plans to go to dinner and then to TopGolf and I was really excited about itIt's kind of like bowling but a drive range with microchip golfballs and targets. Totally cool. But turns out everyone  else thinks it's awesome too. The wait time was over 2 hours which meant we wouldn't start till about 10pm so we opted for good ol' regular bowling. And we had a great time! Our dear friends Chelsea and Max came along and Tim and Chelsea wowed us with a turkey (that's 3 strikes in a row folks)!!!

Birthday week here we come! 

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