Thursday, April 20, 2017

Oceanside, CA

Saturday 8th we packed up the van and headed to Oceanside to meet up with my parents for a week in SoCal on the beach. I know I've said this but one of my very favorite things about living is Phoenix is that San Diego is only a 5 hour drive!!

The last several years my parents have made a Spring trip to Oceanside/Carlsbad to go see their amazing ranunculus flower fields! I've always wished I could come along. Last June, I think it was, my mom called and asked if we'd want to meet up and go together. I didn't think Tim's schedule would necessarily work but said that me and the kids would definitely want to come. As it turned out Tim was vacation eligible in April and it all fell into place perfectly. We enjoyed an amazing week full of the beach, relaxation, Grandma and Papa, yummy food, the flower fields, picking strawberries and a day at Disneyland! It was a much needed family vacation and getting to spend it with my parents too was so fun!

Saturday we drove straight to Duke's in San Diego where we met up with my parents for an amazing fish lunch and piece of Hula pie! Duke's is a Hawaii family favorite and I was so excited to get to go. We were all so excited to be reunited with my parents!!! We also walked around the San Diego temple before heading up to Oceanside to get settled in.

Grandma brought the girls these fun Elena nightgowns
Oh how we LOVE the beach! The girls could jump in the shallow waves, dig in the sand, and collect seashells all day! After Henry's first beach experience in January I wasn't so sure how he'd do at the beach. He had loved being held and watching the saves but hated the sand. But fast forward a few months and this boy LOVED the beach! I'm sure it helped that he could now walk. But he loved digging in the sand and loved carrying around his buckets.

The ranunculus fields were AMAZING! They were better than I even expected! And the girls loved them too! Ranunculus and peonies are my very favorite flowers so I was in heaven. We even got a fresh bouquet that is still looking good over a week later!

Picking strawberries was a real highlight. We first picked strawberries almost 2 years ago when my family had a family reunion in Oceanside. We had to look a little harder this year for real red ones but the girls totally loved it. And enjoyed having to search a little harder for the perfect ones!

We got to take advantage of a few of the resorts little activities including making tie-dye shirts. The girls loved it and they turned out really well.

We then said goodbye to the beach and headed up to Anaheim to get closer to Disneyland! A trip to SoCal would not be complete without a stop or two at the Sokol family favorite, El Cholo!
 Disney pictures to come...


  1. Those flowers look so amazing! I love your suit! I almost got one that was the same style (unfortunately they were already sold out of that print) but I wasn't sure I could pull it off. You look great in it and are making me wish I'd gotten it. 😀

  2. We loved being with all of you, Hay! What a special time we had together. I'm so glad you got to see the beautiful ranunculus flower fields in Carlsbad. It was so much fun watching Kate and Millie and Henry play at the beach. Love and miss you so much!