Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Last Week of March

Can't quite believe that April is here!!! We had a fun, busy week full of little adventures to the children's museum, zoo for some after school splash pad fun, playing at the park and even some cooler temperatures!

Love me some matching gold Salt Waters with my girls!

In very exciting news Tim got a new computer. He's really needed one. His old laptop (that he got when we got home from his mission) was still running but hasn't really been useful for the last few years. So with more research and applying for fellowship coming up it was time. He's in love! And the girls were excited too.

Over the last few month or so Henry has really become attached to his blankie and this teddy bear that we affectionately call Mr. Bear! Henry likes to drag him all over the house and give Mr. Bear give hugs. It's my favorite thing!

I know I've said this before but it's so fun to see Henry growing up and playing more. We had the best time at the museum and it's pretty crazy that my baby is now a toddling boy! Henry has a new nickname, "Walkie-Talkie!"

Millie was having fun pushing Henry around when Henry decided he wanted a turn pushing!

Kate's writing is so cute and her pictures are so detailed. I loved this entry in her journal from last week about our trip to Sedona. The shapes of the rocks are spot on and Kate drew her pigtails, white shirt with flowers on the top and blue exercise pants. It says, "First, we drove to Sedona. Next we hiked to Bell Rock. Last, we went to the temple between the two rocks."

Then biggest news ever...Kate lost her first tooth Friday night- March 31, 2017! The middle left bottom one. Its' been wiggly for a long time! I thought it was going to fall out a month ago.  But it was just hanging on and Kate was not interested in letting us try and pull it out. Kate had her little monthly late night with me and Tim and she was dancing to "Hair Up" from Trolls. Kate has some pretty silly dance moves and as she was dancing she must have just touched her tooth or something and it came out. She was SO excited and "couldn't believe it came out while she was doing her talent (dancing)." It was so magical and exciting to begin this new adventure of Tooth Fairy business. Her middle right bottom one is also crazy close. The tooth fairy will be coming back very soon!

Kate was so tickled that the Tooth Fairy left her $1 and some chapstick. Plus after asking nicely, let her keep her tooth! Kate's other
Tim had to work all weekend 6am to 8pm Saturday and Sunday. I was so excited for General Conference but with Tim gone I elected to play on Saturday and then focus on Conference on Sunday. And it turned out beautifully!

Saturday we went to our traditional Home Depot Kids Workshop  in the morning followed by the Sand Fest event at the children's museum. We also stopped by the hospital to see Tim and grab a treat. It was a busy day but so much fun!


  1. I love your matching salt waters!! I need to get me some of those. Are they comfortable? Oakley doesn't even have a loose tooth yet. I think she will officially seem grown up when that happens! I love the chopstick idea though!

  2. Kate losing her first tooth is exciting news! Kate and Millie's Home Depot bunny basket project sure looks cute and fun. Henry's sure growing up, he doesn't miss out on any fun. We're happy for Tim getting a new computer too. Always lots going on with all of you,Hay!