Thursday, April 20, 2017

First Week of April

We had a really nice Conference Sunday complete with our traditional concession stand, although it just didn't seem right without our Daddy! Tim also always makes conference omelets for us but since he was gone I decided it was time to start a new conference food tradition and make cinnamon rolls. They were awesome! But even more awesome where the kids! They happily colored and quietly played while we listened. And it just so happened that both sessions fell during Henry's nap times. It was amazing!

President Monson in case you couldn't tell :)

After the morning session we had our Sokol family tradition of running around the block. Kate won and couldn't stop holding up her #1 finger the rest of the day (see a couple below).

Kate then had it all planned out that were were going to have a picnic lunch at the green space so after helping Millie fill up her bunny box they made at Home Depot the day before we enjoyed lunch before heading back to watch the second session.
Then our friends, the Gibbons, had me and the kids over for a BBQ. I was so worried about how this weekend was going to go...but am happy to report it went so well.
Kate other bottom tooth had been hanging on just barely all weekend. Sunday night right before bed I finally convinced her to let me just give it a tiny pull and out it came!

Pictures from General Conference

Monday Tim got off work early so we headed to the American Girl Doll Store for some fun! And to finally let Kate use her gift card her cousin Sydney had given her for Christmas to go get a new charm for her Wellie Wisher charm bracelet.


Dressing up like the new doll, Tenney
Boy Henry is doomed to spend quite a bit of time there the next few years
Just some random pics of the girls before school one morning. Millie keeps telling us she has a wiggly tooth. She wants to be just like her big sis.

One night Millie and I slipped away for a date. Millie LOVES the car wash so off we went. I felt a little lame taking her to the car wash for her date but that's what she wanted to do and she loved it.  We also grabbed some ice cream! I love making time for some one on one time with the kids.

Tuesday Kate had an early dismissal day, meaning she gets out of school at 12:25pm. We headed to the splash pad. The water was freezing and the weather wasn't very hot but the kids all had a ball. It was Henry's first splash pad experience and he LOVED it!

We spent the rest of the week prepping and packing for our big trip to SoCal. I had to pull out the short sleeve/summer 12 month clothes we have with the weather heating up. Henry is sporting my oldest brothers old Star Wars shirt from 1977 in the picture below. This shirt is 40 years old! And it's in great condition.
We left for California on Saturday morning and I figured it would be that much hotter when we got back. So we hit the park Thursday after school to enjoy it before it gets too hot to play outside.

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  1. Such fun pictures of the kids and all the fun activities you do! Thank you for sharing them so we can see too.