Saturday, April 22, 2017

Disneyland 2017

We had the best day at Disneyland!!!!!! I don't think I can even do it justice. Tim and I both grew up going to Disneyland quite a bit. We both love it and I get giddy just thinking about going. We have taken the girls a couple of times but this was Henry's first time! As our trip got closer and closer the girls kept talking about wearing their princess dresses. I have never been a big fan...I guess it just didn't seem super practical and/or comfortable to do so. But the girls kept talking about it and Kate always reminded me that they had seen other girls doing it last time we went and asked why they couldn't. I finally gave in and figured if they wanted to so much I could say yes and bring a spare shirt for them when they decided they didn't want to wear it anymore. Needless to say I was SO glad they had their dresses. They totally loved it and it just added to the magic of it all. 

We only had 1 day to go and in complete Sokol fashion hit it hard! We were there early and eagerly waited for the rope to drop so we could rush to meet the princesses! This trip was ALL about meeting the princesses and character! And I totally loved it. It's so interesting to think about how your visit to Disneyland will always be so different depending on the ages of your kids. Thanks to my parents were were still able to ride a few big rides but our focus was meeting princesses and hanging out in Fantasyland. 

Another thing that Kate had remembered seeing was kids with autograph books. I originally figured I'd get the girls some cute notebooks to use as autograph books but after finding some official Disney ones at the Disney Store for $7 I couldn't not get them. And seeing the girls so excited about getting the princesses autographs was priceless. And just tonight it was pure joy watching the girls put personalized pictures of the girls with each princess into their books. Seriously the best souvenir! 

Like I said the big push this visit was meeting the princesses. And we were dang successful! We met Princess Minnie, Ariel, Snow White, Moana, Tinkerbell, Cinderella, Tiana, Aurora, Rapunzel and Flynn Rider, Belle, Alice in Wonderland and Mickey Mouse. I think the only princess we didn't get to meet was Jasmine. Apparently Merida was not at the park that day and Elsa and Anna are now only at California Adventure.

The girls were especially set on meeting Elena (Millie's choice), Aurora (Kate's choice) with a combined desire to meet Moana! It definitely took some work and coordinating but we did it. The girls were actually the first people in the entire park to meet Moana that day. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa!

I am always so impressed by how amazing the character interact with the kids. They are so sweet, engaging and fun! The girls loved twirling in their dresses with Elena, exchanging jokes with Rapunzel and Flynn and telling characters when they had been them for Halloween. Kate, Millie and Henry all adored the Tiki Room! Kate's favorite rides were Tiki Room and the Tea Cups. But also Autopia, Small World and Casey Jr. Millie loved the walking tour through the castle, Storybook Land, Small World and the Tiki Room. And Henry LOVED Small World and the carousel most. Other highlights included being their with my parents!!! and meeting the characters obviously, the two parades (Mickey Soundsational Parade during the day and the Main Street Electric Parade at night), Dole Whip, free refills at the Mexican place we always eat at in Frontierland and just the whole magical atmosphere that only Disney can create. Unfortunately the fireworks got cancelled due to wind which we were all bummed about and my only regret...I guess in all our attempts to meet all the princesses... we didn't go meet Mickey until late and Henry had fallen asleep so I didn't get his picture with the famous mouse. I'm bummed but heck- it otherwise was just the best, most fun filled day!

Growing up we ALWAYS stayed till midnight. And even last time when I took the girls (without Tim) during my family reunion we stayed till midnight. Granted the girls fell asleep in the stroller at about 9pm but we just pushed it around and took turns staying with the stroller. But this time I wasn't so sure how long we would stay. Our condo was a quick shuttle ride away. I figured we'd just have to see how everyone did, how Henry napped throughout the day etc. etc. But also figured that at some point I would need to take Henry back and get him to bed. Henry and Millie both got a good nap during the day. Come about 7:30pm I went and found a quiet place to feed Henry and put him in the stroller and just walked around until he fell asleep. My parents had gone to go save us a spot for the electric parade so I took Henry to them while Tim, the girls and I rode a few rides. The girls were not slowing down and loving it all. We enjoyed the parade at 8:30pm and as we waited for the fireworks which were supposed to start at 9:30pm the girls did start to get tired and almost fell asleep and I thought to myself that we would probably need to head back. We had told the girls we would let them go pick out their souvenirs after the fireworks (I was the mom that wouldn't let them buy them earlier cause I didn't want to carry them all day) so we headed to do that and they both caught their second wind. So we kept going! Henry was sleeping in the stroller so we figured why not. As we were riding some ride at about 10:30pm Tim chuckled that perhaps we were bad parents for not getting our kids to bed to which I said, "no way, we are the coolest parents." Not sure which is true but we certainly didn't let a moment escape us and made every minute count! Millie fell asleep as we walked down Main Street to leave, Henry unfortunately work up as we were leaving and stayed awake as we shuttled home, and Kate fell asleep on the shuttle ride home. What a day!! I am sure thankful for my awesome parents. They helped make going to Disneyland with 3 kids a lot easier. We swapped around a bit so we could take turns riding some big rides, they willingly saved spots for us at the parades and it was just such a treat being with them!

Millie changed out of her Elena dress after meeting Elena around 11:30 or so. Kate however insisted that she wanted to stay in hers until she met Aurora, which didn't happen until 3:30pm. I was pretty impressed by her determination.

The girls (especially Millie) loved the walking through Sleeping Beauty's castle
Although this picture doesn't show it we loved riding in the "Wild Animals" train cage on Casey Jr. Circus Train

Waiting for the parade to start

At Minnie's house
Waiting for the shuttle
Wide awake Henry, Sleeping Minnie at 12:20am

We enjoyed a slow morning Friday recovering from our big day! We made pancakes, played in the pool, enjoyed lunch at Wahoo's and sadly said goodbye to Grandma and Papa. Can't wait to go back! 

***Photo I put all of our pictures onto our computer after our trip I discovered we took 930 pictures over 7 days. Tim couldn't believe it. My reply, "That's not even 1000!" :) That does include some from my mom's camera...but we haven't even photo swapped yet. Sorry for the long posts lately. It was obviously a really great trip and is my way of documenting it all!

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  1. It was a magical day that we will always remember! We loved seeing Kate and Millie with all the Disney Princesses. They were so thrilled to see each Princess, their smiles of pure joy touched our hearts. Henry's first trip to Disneyland was perfect in every way! Love and miss all of you.