Monday, March 20, 2017

Third Week of March and Spring Break

We started the week off with Henry's actual birthday! Like I mentioned, the poor guy had an ear infection and wasn't acting quite himself. We did have a little fun opening presents. Henry loves his car and he loves honking the horn. 

Kate had Spring Break this entire week!  I was bummed that we were heading somewhere fun. I wish I would have at least thought about driving to Utah for a visit but ultimately it was actually really nice to just be home and have Kate around. When I asked Kate what she wanted to do for fun for Spring Break she only said she wanted to get doughnuts in her pajamas. I can do that!

So off to LaMars we went! We also went swimming with Tim's cousin Tisah on Monday!!!

Oh and Millie still went to preschool on Monday too. She insists on taking her little backpack and I love it!

This was the only picture I got of all of us swimming! Oh man!
Tuesday we headed to the Children's Museum. I was afraid it was going to be we got there about 10 minutes before it opened and am proud to say we walked straight up to the door and made the line. We were the first ones in and it paid off. We headed straight to the top floor and had the grocery store all to ourselves for a bit. The crowds did start to come but we had already done so much of it we hardly noticed. Henry also really started getting into enjoying and playing. I feel like before this trip he had kept him in the carrier or stroller for as much as possible. But this time I didn't even bring the stroller and he loved getting right in and playing with everything. I can't wait till he can full on walk. Although between crusin', pushing chairs around and taking 5-6 steps he can get around!

Wednesday we met up with our old friends from Iowa, the Duncan's! We both moved to Iowa with little babes, Kate was 3 months and their Grace was just a year. We did quite a few babysitting swaps and we have always said that Grace was Kate's first friend. We met at a splash pad and the girls had the best time! Henry loved it too. But the water was pretty dang cold so I didn't let him get quite as wet as I probably should have. We then had lunch and then headed to Sodalicious for drinks and cookies.

Oh and let's not not forget pie day! Kate wanted to make cherry pie so I let her and Millie each make a little pie for themselves and I made myself a derby pie!

Then Thursday Tim's parents came to town! It was so fun to have Grandma and Grandpa B come visit! Damon actually hadn't been to Phoenix yet so it was fun to show him Tim's hospital and our home. It was a little unseasonably hot this week...we are talking 93-95 degrees. March is when things start to warm up but we were quite ready for this kind of heat (fortunately it is starting to cool back down into the 80s this week). We went to the train park, enjoyed a couple lunches out, Kate and Grandma made this awesome treasure hunt for St. Patrick's Day, Tim and I snuck away for a date night to see Beauty and the Beast and we went to a Spring Training baseball game!

The baseball game was at roasting time. The game was pretty dang hot. But with umbrella's to shield the sun a bit we still had a great time. The girls had fun running the bases in the little kids zone and rolling down the grass in the outfield AND Grandma spoiled the girls with snow cones and cotton candy.  

Kate was especially excited to go back to Salt River Field (the Diamondbacks and Rockies Spring Training Stadium).  She loved going last year and loved sitting in the outfield on the grass and often asked us throughout the year when we could go to the baseball game with grass. Last year's game was actually our last big family outing as a family of four. I had to include pics from both games. My-o-my what a difference just 1 year makes.
March 18, 2017
March 5, 2016

Kim and Damon left Saturday night. We were sad to see them go but were so glad for all the fun times we had this week. It was an awesome Spring Break for sure!

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  1. Glad to see Tim in so many of these pictures! The Sedona trip looks awesome. Sometimes those short, quick trips are the best. I can't believe Kate jumped in that cold pool! You are are good at taking selfies!