Monday, March 13, 2017

Second Week of March

Last Friday as we drove around letting Henry get a little morning nap before Millie's tumbling class we stumbled upon this gorgeous hiking/conservation area near the Phoenix temple. With all the rain we had a few weeks back everything is so green and pretty. So on Sunday after church, naps and Tim's return from the hospital we decided to go check out. The girls loved it and the weather was perfect. And yes, the girls are in the pajamas. The minute we get home they change into them and I didn't want the fight so I let them stay in them :)

Monday morning Millie started her first day of joy school/preschool. I finally got around to organizing this. Man! I talked about doing it after kindergarten started but then figured I'd wait till after Christmas. Then it just didn't happen. But I finally got the ball rolling and we've got a really good group of five girls! Kind of crazy that there aren't any boys! I got to teach first and had a lot of fun! And Millie loved it. She is so excited to have preschool and couldn't wait to bring her backpack. 

Millie has recently really gotten into taking pictures. She is always asking to borrow my phone. I end up with a lot treasures like these...
Took a bunch of photos of this handsome boy! I can't believe it's been a year! It's so excited to see your babies grow but also heartbreaking at the same time. Henry is the sweetest boy! Good thing he'll always be my baby boy!

Monday afternoon I got a phone call from the school nurse saying that Kate had complained about her ear hurting. She took her temperature and claimed that she was at 103 degrees. I quickly woke up Henry from his nap and we got in the car to pick her up...Millie of course fell asleep on the way there. Great :(. Anyway,  Kate seemed ok, but I obviously had to take her home. When we got home though I took her temp, 98.5 degrees. Then the next thing I knew she was up dancing like crazy and singing at the top of her lungs as she watched Trolls. I'm sorry but if she had a temp of 103 she would not have been doing that. Oh well. The school said she would have to miss school on Tuesday since you need to be 24 hours free of a fever before returning. Tim checked her ears when he got home and they looked fine. I was kind of bugged but figured it would be fun to have her home for the day. I just hate to have her miss when she doesn't need to. Anyway, Monday night Kate complained of what we thought might be a UTI so we decided to be safe and mostly to cover our bases for the school I'd take her in. She was totally fine!!! Anyway, we had a fun Tuesday and per Kate request we took it easy, wore pajamas all day and her and Millie just played and played. 

Grandma and Grandpa S sent us a box full of some awesome souvenirs from their recent trip to Hawaii!

We also did have to run to grab Moana since it came out on Tuesday!!! We've watched it SO many times! And love it!

Tuesday night after the kids were in bed I was looking at the ads that had come in the mail only to discover that Blue Bell ice cream was back in Arizona! I immediately sent Tim a text and told him he better pick some up on his way home! Blue Bell came to Colorado about a month before we moved. We ate a lot of ice cream that last month. And were sad to have to leave to Iowa where they didn't have it. We were pretty excited to discover that Arizona had Blue Bell but right before we moved here the whole recall happened and it was out of production for awhile. Oh man it is so fun to have back. But not so good for my attempt at eating better...
We lovingly have nicknames Henry, Tornado! I know he's just a typical 12 month old but man he can leave quite the trail of where ever he's been!

Birthday packages also started rolling in.

Friday tumbling fun for Miss Millie...

The rest of the week was spent prepping for Henry's birthday celebration. I'll post about those separately. Saturday evening we headed to the park for some fun and a picnic dinner. It was so fun to celebrate our sweet boy and especially nice that Tim had the whole weekend off!!!

Henry's presents set up and ready for Sunday morning!

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