Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Fourth Week of February

Unfortunately Tim had another long weekend at the hospital...but this one seemed a bit longer with it being President's Day on Monday. I found myself longing to go somewhere exciting for a little weekend trip.  But instead we made the most of it and ended up having a pretty good long weekend of fun at home. Saturday and Sunday were super rainy. I was thankful for the cooler weather. I'm certainly not ready for the heat and am very happy for some cooler/rainy days if it means for a more gradual warming. We enjoyed a wet Sunday stroll filled with a lot of puddle jumping! 

Lots of sisterly playing too! I loved this Princess castle set up the girls put together!
 Awhile back the girls filled up their "poof ball" jar! The selected prize activity was a visit to Peter Piper Pizza! We decided waiting till Presidents Day was a good idea so we could enjoy their pizza buffet that they only have on weekdays. The girls of course had a fabulous time and were so happy with their prizes (even though without Dad we got significantly less tickets to turn into the prize counter)! Henry was also a happy champ to be in the carrier so I could help the girls with their games. 

The weather cleared up on Monday so we spent a lot of time swinging the rest of the week.

Happy helper girls!

 Kate's first loose tooth is so close to coming out. If she would just let us give it a good yank I'm sure it would be out. However, Kate won't let us. I thought tonight (see below) she was going to let Tim pull it out. Nope. It's still hanging on. 

 Millie always packs something into the car when we are running errands/taking Kate to school. It's usually some princesses or figurines along with her blankets that go everywhere but recently her new favorite thing to bring along is her Book of Mormon! It's pretty dang cute! I guess she'll make a pretty sweet missionary one day! I actually did catch a mom looking over her shoulder to see what she had and a different day a little girl asked her if it was the Bible?!

Wednesday we needed to get the tires rotated so we enjoyed a hot dog lunch at Costco! Par-tay!
Lots of bike riding tutus no less :)
We met Tim after work at Chick-fil-a one night. My Henry boy is growing up and now wants to play too!

Princess Leia drawing that Millie drew one morning. I think it actually was a happy coincidence that it all worked out seeing that she usually just scribbles. 

 Then Friday Kate had Field Day at school! It was a big event. One that Kate's been talking about for weeks! It is always so fun to be at the school and it was really relaxed and low key. We got to be with Kate a lot in between events and Henry and Millie were champion cheerleaders!  Events included parachutes, a 75-yard dash, standing and running long jump, soft ball toss, scooters, Pirate Ball, bag toss and I'm forgetting what else. 

The 75-yard dash was Kate's favorite...although she was pretty nervous about it before. They divided up the girls and boys and then lined them up by height. Yep, Kate was the shortest girl and shorted kid between 2 kindergarten classes.

 They got to wear their class shirts. Every kindergarten class has an animal theme. Kate is in the fish class. Millie made it a point to wear her fish shirt too! It was pretty cute Millie and Kate had made these plans to have Millie where her fishie shirt too. Mrs. Storcz, Kate's teacher, was so excited to see Millie. I guess Kate had told her all about it. 

 Friday night I had the opportunity to help clean the temple. I had nearly forgotten I had signed up to do so. I got the kids in bed and Tim got home just in time for me to leave. Then Saturday we headed to the Science Museum for a change AND Tim had the day off! He actually got Saturday and Sunday off! Hooray! We snagged two cultural passes, 2 free tickets, at the library and had an awesome afternoon!  

Tim: "Girls,  let me teach you all about human anatomy!"

 Then Saturday night Tim and I had a date night. We didn't have any plans and didn't actually think last minute we would be able to find a sitter but we did. So we headed to Kierland Commons and Scottsdale Quarter these nice outdoor shopping areas and enjoyed browsing at places like the Apple Store, Anthropologie and Crate and Barrel. It wasn't anything too excited but was just nice to take it easy and we stopped at got shakes at our favorite burger place. Zin Burger has this amazing Nutella Nut Crunch milkshake that is out of this world. I'm so bad a remember to take pictures when we are out on a date...this is the only one I got. 

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