Tuesday, March 7, 2017

First Week of March

The girls built this rocket (see above) to blast into outer space! I think I say this a lot but I love how much fun these two have together! Kate had her once-a-month early dismissal day on Tuesday and requested a visit to Menchie's! We happily obliged.

Kate's class has been talking about peach and resolving conflict. I loved this piece of work that came home in the backpack...made me feel like I'm at least doing a recent job. It says, "I have peace at home. I love doing yoga. I love home." 

I had a dentist appointment this week. I'm very used to taking my kids to almost all of my appointments. Always have. Six months ago though I took Henry and Millie to my dental appointment and Henry just cried and cried. Me holding him wouldn't console him, some dental assistance tried to hold him. It was just bad. So I swore I wouldn't take him next time. But I feel like I've had to use my friends a bit more than usual to watch my kids and then even just the time associated with dropping them off and getting to my appointment etc. I just decided to try again. And they were amazing! I figured I'd try to leave Henry in his car seat since he's a tornado and into everything and it worked! Millie was my big helper girl. I loaded her up with a bunch of snacks and she fed them to Henry and it just couldn't have gone smoother! Yay for all of us!

One of Mille's new favorite things to do it take my phone and take pictures! I end up with a lot of these treasures... Although check out that cute flag Kate made. She made sure it had 13 stripes but told me she couldn't fit 50 stars!

One evening Tim made it home at a really great time. He's actually made it home for dinner a few times this week too. We headed over to our green space and attempted to play croquet... Kate experienced quite a bit of frustration trying to get her ball through the hoops...

I love this picture I snagged of Millie as we waited in the car pick up lane at school. She was laughing and just so happy!
It was Dr. Seuss' birthday the other day...Kate got to celebrate a bit at school!

Then, I just loved this paper. Kate was supposed to come up with a sentence using one of the words above. She chose cat and wrote, "my sister wants a cat." There's also a little picture next to it of "K" Kate and "A" Amelia including a think bubble with the word "cat" written in it.
Fridays are tumbling days again! Millie sure loves her little tumbling class!

Henry's favorite thing to do...push objects across a large space/room. He especially took to the wagon this week! And has also especially gotten interested in getting into whatever the girls are playing with. Much to their dismay!
Another week full of time outside. Our next door neighbor and friend, Olivia, came on an impromptu ride around the block with us this day!

Tim worked late Friday and then had to work the weekend too. Which is always a bummer. You think I'd be used to this. And I am. But I still get a bit anxious too. But Saturday was seriously such an amazing day! It truly was a good one. One of those days where you feel like you actually are a good mom, the kids all behaved and were happy and we had a lot of fun and the day flew by! We hit Home Depot for the Kids workshop like we always do every first Saturday of the month but weren't able to stay long because we had a friend's 2nd birthday party to attend. The party was so great and it was fun for me and the girls to catch up with friends we don't see as often since Kate started kindergarten. The girls played and imagined while Henry napped. I got a few things done and played with the girls too. We went for a bike ride, played in the green space (and two random 9 year old neighborhood girls joined us and all the girls enjoyed several rounds of Hide-n-seek), our back door neighbor gave us some grapefruits and much to the girls pleasure decorated them with red hibiscus' that the girls put in their hair, we made a blueberry apple crisp that Kate's been eyeing in her American Girl Doll cookbook she got at Christmas and it was SO yummy and then we finished the night with a Trolls movie night! Pretty epic, right?! It wasn't that we even did anything extravagant or different than what we usually do. But it was just what I needed.

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  1. You inspire me, Hayley! You are one amazing mom. Wish we could all play together! Miss you guys.