Monday, March 27, 2017

Fourth Week of March

Oh how we've loved having Tim home for the past few weekends! And oh what fun we had over Spring Break. Kate was sad to have Spring Break over but we made the most of our last day and enjoyed a lot of time outside swinging and biking riding. And fortunately the weather cooled off a bit so it was much more enjoyable to be out!

Monday, Henry had his 1 year appointment. Millie has preschool on Monday mornings and with Kate in school it was kind of weird to have it be just me and Henry. My pediatrician couldn't believe what a quite room he walked into :)

I loved these pictures I snagged of Henry! But it sure made me miss the mini robes they had at the Iowa peds clinic too.

I found out Monday afternoon as I checked facebook that it was free ice cream cone day at Dairy Queen so after picking Kate and Hudson up from school we went.

Although Kate was sad to have to go back to school she was super excited to see her classmates and friends! One of Kate's best friends in her class brought back this friendship bracelet for her! She loves it!

Tuesday Henry had his first dental appointment! He hated it. But loved playing in the waiting room beforehand. A one year old dental appointment is pretty pointless but I figured it doesn't hurt so we went. But after going I'm not so sure we shouldn't have waited. Oh well. Henry survived and he got an awesome giant balloon. Which I forgot to get a picture of.
Just some happy before school playing.
And I adore this picture I got of Kate and Millie! I love their relationship. I love how Millie looks up to her big sister and I love how much we all miss Kate when she's away at school. And I love our daily routine at drop off (including Millie's back pack packed up with who knows what and all)!
A few weeks back I got a message from one of my dear friends, Emily. You may recall Millie's best friend Talmage?! Well they moved away from Phoenix last June after his dad finished pharmacy school and took a job in Arkansas.  Well as it turned out Emily was calling to tell me they were moving back!!! It's what you always dream of when dear friends move away but it never happens. So Wednesday we met them at the zoo! And the reunion between Talmage and Millie was so sweet! We all just picked right back where we left off! We are so happy to have them back!

Of course both the kids fell asleep on the way home so with not much time to waste before we'd need to leave to go pick up Kate I swung through the drive through and got me a Diet Coke and enjoyed a little quite.

We also met up with some of our other favorite friends at the Children's Museum.

And Friday got to tag along Kate's Tree Walk Field Trip! Kate's learned all these fun facts about different types of trees mostly native to Arizona. On the tree walk we simply walked around the neighborhood looking for and tallying up saguaro cactus, citrus, paloverde and mesquite trees. It was so simple but so fun to be apart of (and they let me bring Henry and Millie)! It was adorable to see each kid with their clipboard and pencil and watch them get so excited about spotting each tree.

And then Friday after work we headed up to Sedona to check out it's impressive red rocks! With another weekend off we were excited to make some plans and finally get up there! Sedona is gorgeous! We enjoyed amazing temperatures and the girls were AWESOME hikers! We got an early start Saturday morning and I was so impressed that the girls hiked for almost 3-1/2 hours as we checked out Bell Rock. Henry loved sitting in the back pack, Millie insisted on picking up millions of sticks and rocks that she wanted us to put in our pockets (and only complained the last 20-25 minutes) and Kate acted like a hiking expert. I love getting out with this crew! It was a quick trip but was so fun!

After a pit stop for a late lunch...poor sleepy Tim (see below)...we did a bit more hiking and also checked out the Chapel of the Holy Cross. The views from up at the chapel were so impressive!

And check out that crazy mansion

Due to tired kiddos, some rain and some decent traffic we ended up leaving a little early then we expected. But it then allowed us to enjoy a quick first dip on our pool when we got home! The water was way too cold but it didn't stop Kate from jumping in!