Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Second Week of February

Tim worked Saturday night so after church and some rest we headed over to our favorite friends house for a Super Bowl Party! Kate and Lola were in preschool together and before Kate started kindergarten we got together at least twice a week to play or go to the zoo or museum. We miss seeing them! The girls were in heaven getting to dress up and play with Lola.

Typical play time with Elena of Avalor...I mean Millie! Millie is always in a dress up or tutu and is really into Barbies!
The anticipation of Valentine's was so fun! Valentine's is Kate favorite holiday. She just loves it! She was so excited to pick out Moana valentines. Millie of course wanted Elena ones.
Kate writing out her valentines to each member of her class!
It was my dear friend Sydney's birthday so we went to lunch at this awesome place call Flower Child! It was so yummy!

Lots of Valentine crafting and card making all week long!

Millie really loves to help me clean! She insisted on helping vacuum the stairs!
Henry is quite the climber. He loves climbing the stairs...we have been practicing and learning how to go down safely. Oh my!
Lots of swinging and being outside too!

I love these shot (below) you can see how Millie is really working on her form in ballet.

Valentines from Grandma, so exciting!
Dad home just in time to help put the girls to bed!
Poor Kate was happily skipping to the gate at school and tripped. I didn't look too bad and I figured she'd be just fine and sent her in. But when I picked her up from school it looked much worse. She had ended up going to the nurse to get a cold pack.

Playing after school...Millie said she was going to take us to Utah!

Kate's class didn't do Valentine boxes. Not sure why but she got sent home with this white bag and was told to decorate it however she would like and that it would be used to hold her Valentines. I have such fun memories of making elaborate boxes I was a little bummed. But also a little relieved. This was simply but Kate totally loved it.
A cute picture Kate drew in her homework packet about her favorite career. This girl loves space!!!
Cute kids accompanying me to a dermatology appt for my dang plantar wart that has been hurting me.
We made sugar cookie dough Thursday in preparation for making valentine cookies. And Millie can't get enough of it.
Making valentines for cousins.

Yep...on Friday it was a warm day! Tim's cousin's apartment complex heats their pool a little bit. It's not really enough to go swimming in January but when it's 80 in February and they have a zero-depth entry that warms up well with the sun we took the opportunity to take in our first pool party of the year!

Tim finally had a day off! Yipee! We took it easy and didn't plan too much (like I usually do). He let me sleep in and we enjoyed some fun at the library and some ice cream.
We rolled out cookies on Saturday during Henry's nap. Millie was super excited to pull out her playdough rolling pin. Don't worry I washed it first.

Then Saturday night Tim and I went out on our Valentine's Day date! I can't believe I didn't snap a single picture. Boo! We went to this awesome Italian place that makes fresh pasta daily. It was such a treat and so nice to go out!

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  1. Darling pictures! Thank you, Hay, for posting them. I love seeing what you you do. I love seeing the happy, sweet smiles on Henry, Millie, and Kate. What a devoted, loving mommy you are!