Wednesday, February 8, 2017

First Week of February

After our long drive we were excited to be home! And excited that Tim still had two days off. Unfortunately Kate woke up Monday morning and threw up so we kept her home from school. She enjoyed a day at home with us and was totally fine (we totally could have sent her...oh well). Anyway we had a good week easing into life post vacation. The girls had dental appointments. Kate loves going to the dentist...Millie not so much!

We enjoyed some FHE ice cream at Menchies and Tim got to come see the girls at dance on Tuesday!
I love this picture- you can see Kate's nice form while Millie just plays around and doesn't seem to care!

We had a lot of fun making Valentine boxes on February 1st! We've been having fun writing love notes to each other and surprising the girls with little treats/gifts each day. Kate has been claiming for the last 18 months that Valentine's Day is her favorite holiday. So we've been having a lot of fun!

I snapped these pictures in an attempt to "save" Kate's work before I threw it away! She is doing so awesome and learning so much at school!  Kate especially loves math and is adding and subtracting beautifully.

Fun at the library one day!

On Friday Kate went on her first official field trip! They went to see Slim Good Body. She was a little nervous but SO excited! Unfortunately there were limited seats in the theatre so they had to randomly draw which 2 parents could come and help. I was not selected much to my and Kate's dismay. However, a friend of mine did and she sent me this picture of Kate on the bus (above). And her teacher emailed me this one (below). That's Mrs. Storcz in the picture. It made me so happy to see her so happy! They had a great time and she love riding on the bus!

It's my favorite time of year in Phoenix! The weather is AMAZING and it's time to pick the citrus. We don't have any trees in our yard but we have friends and ward members that do. We got to go pick a few oranges and pack up a couple bags of oranges and grapefruits! So good!
More of Kate's work...a little writing about the field trip!
While there, I got to "learn about the body."
Saturday Tim had a 24 hour shift. Bummer. He left at 5am on Saturday and got home on Sunday at 7:30am. I started feeling crummy on Thursday with a a bunch of congestion and a bad cough. So I was a little worried about Saturday. Although if you are a mom you know you just have to carry on, no matter how you feel.  Sweet Kate surprised me on Saturday morning by making my bed! Isn't she sweet! And we ended up having an awesome day! Like a really good one! We first hit up the Home Depot for our favorite monthly building project. Then we ended up going down to see Tim and have lunch at the hospital. There was a lot of sisterly playing! We made the minestrone soup Kate picked out of her American Girl Doll Cookbook and it was delicious. We ended the night with watching Lion King for the first time ever and eating Girl Scout cookies!

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