Sunday, February 19, 2017

Third Week of February

I'm proud to say we always make it to church on time when I am all on my own because Tim has to work. It seems that when Tim is home I guess I don't plan as well and although I have someone to help we are always in a much bigger rush to get out the door. Why is that? Anyway... this week we even had time to snag a few pictures. These three kiddos are so sweet and although it isn't always easy I am so thankful I am their mama!

Henry is into EVERYTHING! He usually pulls out several bottles of lotion, face wash, hairspray etc. from my bathroom cupboards while I can finish drying my hair and doing my make up. Today he made himself right at home inside! I love this silly boy!
More pre-church pics...

During Henry's nap after church we decorated our Valentine cookies! I love making sugar cookies with these two. They love all the steps but I think the sprinkles take the cake!

We then spent the afternoon delivering cookies to our favorite little friends!

Kate has always loved Valentine's Day. It's her favorite holiday! This year was no different. The anticipation and joy of picking out and making valentines for our loved ones is just so fun! We enjoyed a lot of Valentine crafts throughout the weeks leading up to the big day and I love surprising the girls each more with a fun treat/little gift in their V-Day boxes each day.

Poor Henry...I swore I had a red and white shirt for him to wear. Oh well. He looks darling anyway. These pictures were from our impromptu 5 minute photo shoot before we had to take Kate to school. 

I snagged these ones of Millie and Henry later that afternoon.

Henry LOVES the ride on zebra right now. He uses it to help him walk. It's the cutest thing ever!

My friend Sydney decided to treat ourselves to a little Cafe Rio for lunch to celebrate heart day. Her husband is a podiatry resident and has long hours too. I'm bummed we didn't get a picture of our crew. I then dropped Millie and Henry off at another friends and got to go to Kate's Valentine party at school. It is always such a highlight to get into her classroom. I wish I got to go more frequently...'s always so much to see her eyes light up when she sees me and I love the huge hug I always get. I love these special times we have together! Kate was thrilled with her 20 valentine cards from her classmates and enjoyed lining them all up. Kate insisted on giving Moana Valentine cards and Ring Pops!

Kate's table
Kate and her "BFF" Olivia
Kate with her teacher
 And I took these of Kate after school.

Dance is on Tuesday nights so after getting home from school and picking up Millie and Henry from my friend Kellie's house we pretty much had to get ready for dance and be on our way.

We enjoyed heart-shaped pizza for our Valentine's Day dinner. And although it wasn't romantic or anything fancy it was perfect for a busy evening and the girls loved it. And Tim and I got to enjoy our date the weekend before. We did take some time that evening to look through our date book that we created our first few years of marriage. We kept a book full of pictures, ticket stubs etc from every single weekly date we went on during our first 2 years of marriage. Once we moved to Iowa City we started just writing a one-liner about each eventually fizzled but it was really fun to look back at those first years. Good times!

Wednesday was "Literacy Night" at Kate's school in conjunction with the annual book fair. I had planned to take the kids alone like I do all the time but Tim surprisingly got done super early and met us there at 4:30pm. It was the best surprise! Kate and Millie both got to pick a book and then they had several activities/crafts set up in multiple classrooms. We had a lot of fun until Henry finally had had enough. It was nice though I was then able to take him home and get him ready for bed while Tim and the girls stayed and had some special time together.

Typical Millie...dressed in a tutu of sorts and playing princess...although this time the princesses were these little trains.
Enjoying/admiring their valentines.

Translation, "I would ask them their name. Next I would ask if I could play with them. And last I would ask their favorite color."
If having Valentine's Day wasn't enough to make for a spectacular week...we had Kate's two closest little friends aka Kate calls them her "two BFFs" (I have no idea where she even learned I guess?!) over for a late night! Kate has been talking about having a sleep over with Olivia and Ellis for at least a month. I'm not so sure about having sleepovers but convinced Kate that we could probably have friends over for a late night. I ran the idea past the girls moms and a party was made. Kate, as always, had big, s'mores, pillow fight, painting nails, watching a movie and staying up late. She told her friends to wear their pjs and bring their blankets/stuffed animals/dolls. And a week before it happened Kate informed me that the girls had decided to watch 101 Dalmatians. The friends arrived at 5pm and it just so happened that they all showed up wearing purple nightgowns...what are the odds?! They had a total blast. They laughed and squealed to their little 5 year old hearts! It was a good night! The stayed up till 8:30pm. Par-tay!

And then last, Saturday we headed to the children's museum. It had been awhile since we last had been. It was pretty busy. It was a rainy day and with it being President's Day weekend I think all those that stayed in town were looking for some fun. Despite the crowds we had a fabulous time! And we ran into our old storytime librarian from Iowa City! She recognized me and even remembered Kate's name. It is such a small world and made me miss IC so much!

Henry's favorite thing right now. He wants to walk! So whenever he can find a chair or stool to push around he is a happy boy!

We then stopped by the hospital to catch some daddy time! We always love visiting Tim at the hospital!

What an exciting week! With lots of fun activities. But I think the best thing is Saturdays full of lots of time for these two sisters to just play at home! I love their imaginations and how well they play together!