Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Second Week of January

Our week started out beautifully with a day off for Tim (yay) and Henry's first wagon ride! Henry loved sitting in the wagon and looked so grown up! Oh my goodness... I know I've already mentioned how much we are loving this Phoenix January weather but all I can say is it has just been heavenly. And we are doing our best to just be present and enjoy it every chance we get. I say I miss the seasons but when our Phoenix chapter ends and we get our snow back...I'm not so sure I'm really going to like it... we will see :)

Sweet Millie doesn't nap very often. If she does it's usually in the car on our way home from an adventure but today she crashed in our bed. Love watching her sleep.

Tuesday was the girls first day of dance!!! Millie's first day of dance EVER! I was really excited to sign the girls up for this class through the recreation center and was delighted that it was for 3-5 year olds...meaning Kate and Millie could take it together! The girls have been looking forward to it for months and all of December were found talking about "their dance class after we get back from Utah for Christmas." 

Love seeing these sweet sisters pose in their leotards!

Ms. Jennifer is their teacher. Because we had to sign up for a class time after school we ended up at not our closest rec center. Which is not a big deal except I miss the huge windows that I could see the girls through. This room just has a skinny small windows next to the door and I hate that I can't see them as much. But oh well.
We got to school a little early so Kate was finishing up the mazes in The Friend magazine.

Millie ready for the park decked out in her kitty gear (kitty bow, shirt and shoes)! On Friday we met Tim's cousin Tisah who lives in Glendale at the zoo. With the cooler weather the animals are so active.

Friday night Tim promised the girls a campout. He pulled out the tent, the girls set up their sleeping bags and after roasting marshmallows in our fire pit they slept out in the backyard. The girls absolutely loved it! And seemed to stay warm enough.
Saturday church cleaning. I am always a little surprised how excited the girls are to clean the church. They love it! Kate really wanted to wear her pajamas to clean the church for some reason. I think the idea of staying in her pajamas and not get ready for school is great. Tim woke up Saturday feeling pretty sick. He got hit hard with some 24 hour stomach bug and spent most of the day sick and sleeping. But we didn't let that spoil the fun!

While Henry and Tim slept the girls and I went to the rec center to participate in our 2nd Annual Itty Bitty Open! The girls (especially Kate) loved it and had the best time! It's a golf activity (9 holes) put on by the rec center for kids ages 3-5 complete with their own free set of plastic clubs and snacks (Millie's favorite part). Millie also loved just carrying around her clubs by the strap and poor Kate had to use the right handed club. These girls need some more practice but their swings are coming along and it was just lots of fun!

Lots of playing in the tent Saturday afternoon (and Sunday)! 

Tim continued to feel crummy so I sadly canceled our babysitter. Man I was so disappointed. But to ease the pain the kids and I headed to Costco for some shopping, hot dog dinner and then stopped by the mall play area to have a little fun! Oh and after the kids went to bed I definitely ran over to cheesecake factory and snagged myself some pity cheesecake :)

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  1. Cute pictures of these little darlings! Glad Kate and Millie get to take a dance class together. They are such beautiful ballerinas. Glad you are enjoying your great Phoenix winter weather with all the outdoor fun activities. Love, love you so much!