Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Henry- 10 months

How can this kid be getting so close to 1?! Henry is 10 months! Here's a quick update about our favorite boy:
  • This kid is into everything...every drawer, every cupboard, every shelf. We are installing cupboard locks this week!! He leaves a trail of destruction wherever he goes.
  • His climbing the stairs and if I'm not careful/watching will make it up 5 or 6 of them. 
  • Loves unrolling the toilet paper! Why do babies love this so much?!
  • Ever since we got back from Utah has not been napping well. Why? I'm not sure. In Utah he was taking his 2-2 hour naps sometimes even longer so well. I think it has to do with teeth and he has had a cold/little cough but he needs more than a 35-45 minute nap. 
  • Prefers sucking on his bottom lip over his pacifier at nap and bedtime.
  • Still only has his one left bottom tooth. But the right bottom is SO SO close and the top two are close too.
  • Loves to eat...especially loved this sweet potato black bean turkey chili I made this week. He was the only kid that would eat any. Oh man! 
  • Still loves bath time and loves now sharing the tub with his sisters. I'm not sure why we waited until we got back from Utah but it's pretty cute having all 3 of them rub-a-dub-dub together. 
  • He is just so happy and darling! He brings such joy into our home and we love him so much!


  1. Cute Henry! He is sure growing up. Love seeing these darling pictures of him and Millie. You are so blessed, Hay!

  2. He looks soooooo much like Kate in that last picture!!