Monday, January 9, 2017

Back in Pheenie

We barely made it out of Utah after a pretty epic storm. We were fortunate that our early morning Thursday flight wasn't cancelled and in fact boarded on time. We did end up sitting on the plane for almost an hour waiting in line to deice but heck...I'll take it. This was Henry's first flight as well as my first flight with all 3 kids! And it went awesome. Several people seemed worried when I told them I'd be flying alone...I just wasn't worried. I guess I made so many flights between Iowa and SLC with Kate and Millie that almost always included a 4 hour layover in the Denver airport that I figured an hour and a half direct flight would be a piece of cake. And it really did go pretty dang smooth, thank goodness.

Last winter Phoenix won my heart as we got to ride bikes around our neighborhood and go hiking. But this year especially, maybe in part because now that we've lived here for over 18 months the kids have forgotten how to wear a big winter coat, maybe it's just with more kids...who knows...all I know is I have never looked forward to returning to the warmth of Phoenix as much as I did this trip. It was pure delight to return home and go play in the backyard, slip on flip flops and a short sleeve t-shirt and not blink. We had several tea parties and picnics while in Utah on a blanket in my parents living room...and today we had a picnic outside! We will be going to the zoo this week and have enjoyed playing at the park, drawing with sidewalk chalk and swinging in the backyard. I think playing at the park in January is one of my top 3 favorite things about living in Phoenix!!! The other two you might ask... being onlya 5 hour drive from San Diego  and fresh citrus from the trees in January...and well let's see...proximity and ease of traveling to Utah is right up there too.

I love Christmas cards! And love our door totally covered in cards from our dear friends!
Happy to be reunited with some of her Christmas gifts that we had to send back with Tim in the van

Swinging in the backyard
Tim was able to sneak away from the hospital to come pick us up at the airport on Thursday morning. Yay! And thus we also had to go pick him up at the end of the day. The girls always love chasing these lights in the hallway and Tim treated us to dinner so I didn't have to cook which was nice since we had just gotten back.
Play date with Olivia, one of Kate's best friend from her kindergarten class

Playing at the park
Kate with her friend Ellis
You know Princess Leia just helping feed Henry

Play at the hospital playground during a visit to go see Daddy


  1. Man, you are making me want to move to Arizona! We are so over winter already. ;) Miss you guys!! Looks like you had an awesome trip!

  2. I'm glad you are warm and able to play outside in Phoenix. I love all these cute pictures of the kids playing outside with only a light jacket! I know it's nice to not have to bundle up to go anywhere, but we miss you here! Thank you for coming and putting up with the freezing weather.