Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Third Week of January

I'm not exactly sure why Tim getting sick on Saturday was such a bummer...but it was an even biger bummer when at 8pm Saturday night when I woke up Tim to tell him the kids were all asleep and that I was going to still go have some fun that he informed me he had to work the next day. Cherry on top! (Tim is on an "easy" rotation and has most Sundays off but for some reason had a cross coverage shift that he had failed to let me know about). I'm pretty used to doing things on my own, including Sundays and church. But I just wasn't expecting it.

 I noticed Sunday morning that Henry's bottom right tooth popped through! So exciting! Henry had a scary run in with the stairs but otherwise we had a nice Sunday. Millie loved dressing up just like her doll Victoria to go to church. And there was a lot of singing this new song their are learning in Primary, "As A Child of God." I wasn't familiar with it but Millie had been singing all last week and after Primary had it totally down. It's my total favorite hearing her sing it. I should post a video.

I loved this picture I took of the girls in the mother's lounge at church during sacrament meeting. Usually when I need to go feed Henry Millie likes to come with. Kate usually stays with Tim or I ask a friend if she can stay with them. But today for some reason Kate wanted to tag along too.

Martin Luther King Day we had plans to go to this PBS Kids Festival downtown. Despite one of Kate's friends getting sick and not being able to go we decided we'd still go. It was a total bust. There was over an hour wait to even get inside the building and over an hour and a half wait to meet Daniel Tiger. Kate was pretty bummed but we had to leave about 10 minutes after arriving. But we quickly decided to head to the Children's Museum and had a fabulous time. I loved having Kate home, I loved having fun together and I especially loved hearing the girls play together that afternoon while Henry napped. 

Millie's "temple."
Kate was excited to paint her own face...and for some reason when she told me she wanted to paint a rainbow on her forehead I let her. I turned my back for a minute and discovered she'd covered her face 
Kate hasn't been to the museum much since school started. She had never seen their paint your own face area. For some reason when she told me she wanted to paint a rainbow on her forehead I figured great. I turned my back for just a minute and discovered she'd covered her much of forehead with just the red. I figured hey why not let her go for it. Here was the result... she loved it but then I'm happy to say when we got home she decided she'd had enough and with baby wipes did an amazing job wiping it all off.

Tuesday is dance day! I just can't seem to get enough of these sweet dancing sisters. Kate enjoyed wearing my old leotard from way back in the day. It's definitely losing it's stretch but still looked pretty dang cute.

A good morning horsey ride Wednesday morning. And I just loved this picture I snapped of Henry looking so happy and grown up!

 Friday we finally made it to the library. Not sure why it's been so long since we've been. But it felt good to be back. Even though I had forgotten that our closest library is closed on Friday so we had to drive to a different, but nicer, one.

 Millie is very generous. Sharing her black beans and quesadilla with all of her Barbie friends!
We've had a lot of rain lately. Millie loves putting on her rain boots and going "singing in the rain!" Yes, the tent is still up...and continued to stay up because it then got all wet and needed to dry out.

 We were really looking forward to the weekend. It had been awhile since Tim had two days off in a row (in medicine they call it a Golden Weekend). Tim surprised me by arranging a babysitter Friday night. We hit up a local burger place we'd been wanting to try and it was awesome. We also ended up at a little bookstore. I only got one picture from the night... I had to leave my cell phone for our babysitter.

Anyway, we decided Saturday we needed to do something fun as a family. We decided to take Daddy to see Moana! The girls were in heaven seeing it again! They sang along and I even let Kate wear her Moana dress up skirt. And Millie wore the Heart of Te Fiti necklace.

I thought about staying home with Henry but decided we wanted to go together and we'd give it a try. I did end of taking him out a few times just to let him crawl around. He loved this baby on the 3D glasses drop off. A couple walking buy said he looked like the Baby Boss, haha! 


We started a new thing a month or two ago were we let the girls individually (well we've actually only done it with Kate...but plan to let Millie have a turn too) have a little night where they can have some special one-on-one time with Mom and Dad. Kate chose to watch this Netflix show she recently discovered called Mia & Me and make strawberry lemonade! She got this cute cookbook for Christmas and she's loved picking out recipes to try.  It's always so fun to spend a little extra time with my Kate! She is growing up and I really miss her while she's at school.

We also decided to tag along with Tim next week as he attends a conference in Carmel, CA next week. We talked about going months ago and even looked at plane tickets. Tickets were too expensive so we decided if we'd go we'd drive. Well after our Christmas travel I was kind of leaning toward just staying home. After a lot of back and forth we ultimately decided we couldn't miss out on a fun opportunity for a little trip and so we are going. I'm really excited to go to the Monterey Aquarium and Kate is super excited to see San Francisco (thank you Inside Out). Stay tuned.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Henry- 10 months

How can this kid be getting so close to 1?! Henry is 10 months! Here's a quick update about our favorite boy:
  • This kid is into everything...every drawer, every cupboard, every shelf. We are installing cupboard locks this week!! He leaves a trail of destruction wherever he goes.
  • His climbing the stairs and if I'm not careful/watching will make it up 5 or 6 of them. 
  • Loves unrolling the toilet paper! Why do babies love this so much?!
  • Ever since we got back from Utah has not been napping well. Why? I'm not sure. In Utah he was taking his 2-2 hour naps sometimes even longer so well. I think it has to do with teeth and he has had a cold/little cough but he needs more than a 35-45 minute nap. 
  • Prefers sucking on his bottom lip over his pacifier at nap and bedtime.
  • Still only has his one left bottom tooth. But the right bottom is SO SO close and the top two are close too.
  • Loves to eat...especially loved this sweet potato black bean turkey chili I made this week. He was the only kid that would eat any. Oh man! 
  • Still loves bath time and loves now sharing the tub with his sisters. I'm not sure why we waited until we got back from Utah but it's pretty cute having all 3 of them rub-a-dub-dub together. 
  • He is just so happy and darling! He brings such joy into our home and we love him so much!

Second Week of January

Our week started out beautifully with a day off for Tim (yay) and Henry's first wagon ride! Henry loved sitting in the wagon and looked so grown up! Oh my goodness... I know I've already mentioned how much we are loving this Phoenix January weather but all I can say is it has just been heavenly. And we are doing our best to just be present and enjoy it every chance we get. I say I miss the seasons but when our Phoenix chapter ends and we get our snow back...I'm not so sure I'm really going to like it... we will see :)

Sweet Millie doesn't nap very often. If she does it's usually in the car on our way home from an adventure but today she crashed in our bed. Love watching her sleep.

Tuesday was the girls first day of dance!!! Millie's first day of dance EVER! I was really excited to sign the girls up for this class through the recreation center and was delighted that it was for 3-5 year olds...meaning Kate and Millie could take it together! The girls have been looking forward to it for months and all of December were found talking about "their dance class after we get back from Utah for Christmas." 

Love seeing these sweet sisters pose in their leotards!

Ms. Jennifer is their teacher. Because we had to sign up for a class time after school we ended up at not our closest rec center. Which is not a big deal except I miss the huge windows that I could see the girls through. This room just has a skinny small windows next to the door and I hate that I can't see them as much. But oh well.
We got to school a little early so Kate was finishing up the mazes in The Friend magazine.

Millie ready for the park decked out in her kitty gear (kitty bow, shirt and shoes)! On Friday we met Tim's cousin Tisah who lives in Glendale at the zoo. With the cooler weather the animals are so active.

Friday night Tim promised the girls a campout. He pulled out the tent, the girls set up their sleeping bags and after roasting marshmallows in our fire pit they slept out in the backyard. The girls absolutely loved it! And seemed to stay warm enough.
Saturday church cleaning. I am always a little surprised how excited the girls are to clean the church. They love it! Kate really wanted to wear her pajamas to clean the church for some reason. I think the idea of staying in her pajamas and not get ready for school is great. Tim woke up Saturday feeling pretty sick. He got hit hard with some 24 hour stomach bug and spent most of the day sick and sleeping. But we didn't let that spoil the fun!

While Henry and Tim slept the girls and I went to the rec center to participate in our 2nd Annual Itty Bitty Open! The girls (especially Kate) loved it and had the best time! It's a golf activity (9 holes) put on by the rec center for kids ages 3-5 complete with their own free set of plastic clubs and snacks (Millie's favorite part). Millie also loved just carrying around her clubs by the strap and poor Kate had to use the right handed club. These girls need some more practice but their swings are coming along and it was just lots of fun!

Lots of playing in the tent Saturday afternoon (and Sunday)! 

Tim continued to feel crummy so I sadly canceled our babysitter. Man I was so disappointed. But to ease the pain the kids and I headed to Costco for some shopping, hot dog dinner and then stopped by the mall play area to have a little fun! Oh and after the kids went to bed I definitely ran over to cheesecake factory and snagged myself some pity cheesecake :)