Monday, September 18, 2017

First Week of September

Have you noticed Tim has been in a lot more photos...after a rough couple of months he finally started an easier rotation (because he'll be gone so much interviewing for fellowship)...but anyway, it's been so nice having him have some better hours and some weekends off. 

On Labor Day our dear friends the Gibbons came over to swim and BBQ. It was low key but so fun!

Random fun and errands with Henry while the sisters are at school. 

Tim left for his first round of neonatology fellowship interviews! He first went to Mayo in Rochester, MN and then headed down to Children's Mercy in Kansas City, MO. Both interviews went really well. It is going to be so interesting to watch interview season unfold. We feel so lucky. Tim has received so many invitations to interview. It's pretty excited to be at the point. Preparing for this final round of medical training. Before med school even started Tim said he wanted to be a neonatologist. It's pretty awesome to me that it actually stuck. There were a few specialties that intrigued him and had him rethink but none lasted very long. The next 2 months are going to be jammed packed with Tim traveling all across the country!

Henry loves this little robot cat that Millie got as a gift once upon a time. He always gets right down in front of it. It's so cute. 

Millie got to take home George, the preschool stuffed animal friend. Millie had so much fun brining George on all our adventures this week!

Henry at the library. Him and Millie just adore this strange dragon statue at the entrance. 
One of the nights that Tim was away, Kate woke up with a bad dream. I ended up letting her snuggle in with me. 
Soaking up the sun at the splash pad. Yep, it's still like 106 degrees here!

Got a text Friday morning from Kate's BFF Ellis' mom reminding Kate to wear her friendship bracelet. Apparently Kate and Ellis planned to match Friday morning. When I asked Kate she said, "Of course we are matching today! We've got it all planned mom!"

Friday morning Millie, Henry and I headed to the airport to pick up Grandma B who was so kind to offer to come take care of the the kids while Tim and I went on our first vacation away from the kids ever! We actually had a pretty stressful week... for months we've had this awesome trip planned to Florida. Enter Hurricane Irma. We were actually set to arrive Saturday night right when Irma was supposed to make landfall. So bummed to not be able to go but not wanting to fly into a disaster zone we quickly started making new plans and working on getting refunds on our flights and hotels etc. Some were really easy to work with others not so much. At least not until our flights finally got cancelled. We ended up making plans to head to SoCal and had a fabulous vacation (I'll be posted on it soon). 

We all enjoyed hanging on with Grandma and fortunately Henry immediately warmed up to her. Whew! I was so worried. But he did amazing. 

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Welcome September

We finished off August pretty typical for us and continuing to find our new groove with school. Kate (and actually Millie and Henry too) were sad to have to say good-bye to Fuzzy. Kate wrote about her weekend with Fuzzy and Monday morning all the kids wanted one last pic with him! 

So at the end of last school year I discovered that our favorite grocery stores online grocery shopping fee was only $4.95 and free for the first three times. I started using it and LOVED it. So that's what I've mostly been doing. Millie still hates it because she doesn't get her free apple and free cookie like we used to when we went inside. But this week we wanted to go grab a balloon for Millie's friend's birthday so we went in and not only did we get our free piece of fruit and free cookie (which already was exciting because we hadn't in a long time) but the balloon lady also have Henry and Millie a free balloon!! Let's just say I had two very happy kiddos!
I found this cute note Kate gave to Millie. "Thanks for being my sister. Here is a treat to say thanks." Where the piece of tape was she had taped a piece of candy. 
Wednesday Tim got off early and was able to come with as we went to spend a little time on the grounds of our Phoenix Temple. It was my dear childhood friend, Mary's, daughter Marjorie would-be fifth birthday and to honor and celebrate her short life we walked around the temple discussing the importance of friends and what a blessing eternal families are. When Marjorie was 2 she called the temple "the happy" and I couldn't agree more. It was a extra sweet night. And afterwards we went and got ice cream at Menchie's!

Water table fun. They were out there for over an hour laughing and splashing. I was even able to stay inside and take care of some dishes and things while Millie and Henry played. Check out that sweet view. 

Trip to the zoo with Millie's best bud Talmage. Wish I would have heard what they were saying to each other.  I was bummed though I didn't get a pic of them holding hands as they walked around!
Kate had her first spelling test ever on Friday! And she rocked it. 
Kate had been begging to go on a picnic all's just still too hot. So we had a indoor picnic dinner Friday night. 
And then we introduced the kids to Star Wars! It's funny...I have held off having them watch because Kate is such a scaredy cat. But it's funny how much without knowing much about Star Wars they have loved it and heck Kate and Millie decided this last January that that's what we would be doing for our Halloween costumes this year. I got a text from my brother, Bob, who's the Star Wars guy, asking me something early that Friday and decided that tonight would be the night. They totally LOVED it! Kate and Millie grabbed the few Star Wars toys we have (thanks for my mom and brother Bob), Kate ran upstairs to get into her Leia costume and Millie was literally jumping up and down cheering on Luke as he went to shoot the reactor of the Death Star (ignore the Shimmer and Shine dress up...I haven't made her BB8 costume yet)! 

Then Saturday we finally road the train at the mall. One of the first places we went when we first moved to Phoenix was the PV mall. They had this cute train and the girls begged to ride the train. We were too cheap or something and didn't. And for some reason still hadn't 2 years later. But we finally did and it was so fun! And wasn't near as expensive as I remember thinking it was. Oh man!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Fourth Week of August

Ahhhhh! I'm so sad. I just lost a bunch of pictures. Fortunately it really only is like 4 days worth but I'm sad none the less. I just sat down to blog and upload the pictures on my phone so I could blog and for some reason my phone wasn't automatically popping up in iphoto. I got some warning saying I needed to update my phone to which I didn't have enough space on my phone so I started getting rid of some pictures and poof. They are gone. Really there weren't any pictures that were all that important but it still makes me sad. So this post will be a bit shorter since I'm missing pics from our trip to the Children's Museum, pictures from Kate's week with Fuzzy, other princess ball pics and our Sunday selfie (which rarely happens due to Tim's schedule). Anyway I need to get over it.

I can't believe there isn't an A but Kate just so happens to be the first person in her class alphabetically. So she had the honor of being Student of the Week first aka "Super Bear!" Kate was pretty jazzed about her week which including making this "All About Me Poster," bringing in her favorite book (Fancy Nancy Aspiring Artist), something special (Kit, her American Girl Doll) and an estimation jar (full of Shopkins). She also got to bring Fuzzy, the class stuffed animal, home for the weekend! It was a pretty fun week and perfect timing to help this worry-wart girl ease into school.

Monday was Eclipse Day! I don't know what I was thinking but I guess because I knew we were in the path of totality I didn't plan very well and come the week before called 16 places looking for eclipse glasses to which everyone was out and one lady laughed at me and told me good luck finding any. I was just about in tears due to my disappointment. But fortunately my mom is amazing and totally saved the day! She ran down to her planetarium in SLC and scored us two pairs of glasses the day before they ran out and 2 day shipped them to us. She is THE best!

It was pretty cute... the Tuesday or Wednesday the week before as I was calling places Millie of course heard me asking about eclipse glasses to which she asked me, "Eclipse? Like in Elena?" This girl doesn't miss a thing and has an amazing memory. Turns out there is an episode of Elena of Avalor that involved a solar eclipse, this moth fairy comes trying to keep them in endless darkness and Elena saves the day with her scepter of light.... Millie saw the episode at my parents house at Christmas and I guess it made an impact. She seemed to know a decent amount about eclipse all thanks to Elena. Tim and I were the lame parents that hadn't even talked to our kids about it yet. Then Saturday morning while were were at the pool the mail man came. I anxiously ran to see if our glasses had arrived. And that's when Kate learned about the eclipse coming. To which she replied, "like in Elena?" These silly girls! Kate later told me how she knew you couldn't look directly at it because it would damage your eyes and told me how in the episode Elena's sister Isabel, who's an inventor of sorts, builds some cool telescope/contraption that reflects the image onto the wall so all can see. Who know this episode would have been so important.

Anyway, we were all pretty excited about this eclipse! We went an picked up Kate from school at 10am since the ideal time would be at 10:33am. The girls were super interested and since we only got I think 70% of it they called it a "crescent sun." A bunch of clouds quickly moved in and we almost missed it. But miraculously they cleared just enough that we got a great view. Oh and of course the girls had to watch the Elena episode. And for lunch we made "crescent suns" with our cheese and crackers and nectarines. I had meant to make smoothie eclipse bowls for breakfast but it just didn't happen.

Millie insisted on dressing up as Elena for the occasion, of course!

Our good friend in Phoenix took this picture and I was so impressed!

I was so happy with our eclipse experience. That was until I talked to my brother who had driven up to Idaho for it as well as a few friends that got to experience it in totality. Man! Sounds like it was just incredible. Getting dark and cool, seeing stars and Venus, a 360 degree sunset. Man, I've got to see that one day! 

I snapped this picture as I read to Henry before his nap one day. I just can't get over how cute he is and how much this boy loves dogs. He's giving the dog a hug.

In very exciting news, our AC went out Monday evening. Yes, again! Our AC went out in June if you will recall. Monday as I was cooking dinner I thought it felt a little warm but I was in the kitchen with the oven on etc. I finally went upstairs to check the thermostat and our house was up to 83. I keep our house at 78. I immediately called our landlord. But since it was 6pm and I foolishly figured it probably wouldn't get too much hotter, plus we had fans and our landlord wanted to use their warranty/company they use I told them taking care of it Tuesday morning would be ok. Boy was I wrong. Fortunately, the kids and Tim slept just fine but I had a pretty terrible night. Our house was 88 when I attempted going to bed. It was just too hot. 

Fortunately Kate and Millie both had school Tuesday morning and Henry and I had made plans to go to a splash pad with friends so it ended up working out. Our house did get up to 92 but the repairmen came at 11:30am. We had lunch here at home while we fixed it and we then headed to a dear friends so Henry could nap and we would have a place to be while the house cooled down. Thank goodness for friends! By the time we picked up Kate and made it home the house was already down to 83 so thus we survived another broken AC adventure. 

Here's a couple pictures of Kate having fun with Fuzzy! It was pretty cute how we took him everywhere we went over the weekend. 

I also got a text from my best friend Ashley, who I've been friends with since I was 2. We grew up on the same street, both had 3 older brothers, she was the sister I never had. She somehow stumped upon this in an old journal and it made my day. 

 Saturday was game day. BYU Football started. We need a new cheerleading outfit. We only have one that fits. Gotta get on that. Henry sported his Cougar pride and we were happy to pull out a win. Although they didn't look very good. But look that that sweet boys smile!!! That's something to be super excited about. 

Tim and I got a babysitter Saturday afternoon and were able to go to the temple. It was so nice! And then Saturday night our Stake hosted their Annual Daddy Daughter Princess Ball. It's the sweetest thing. Tim went to great lengths to change his schedule so he could take the girls. I am so so thankful he could. It worked out pretty well. He was working nights and usually has to go in at 6pm (right when the ball was starting). Some kind coresident willingly stayed 2 extra hours for us so Tim could go. The ball was island princess themed. Kate was sure to wear her Hawaii jewelry my parents have given her over the years and Millie originally planned to go as Moana but last minute switched to Ariel. Mermaids swim in the ocean around the islands, right?!

Tim had to literally drop off the girls before speeding down to the hospital for his shift. But they had a magical evening. The girls were so excited to tell me about the decorations, the little sand dollar necklace craft they made, what songs they danced to and what yummy treats they got to eat. I am so thankful for our church leaders for putting on this sweet, memorable night.