Monday, November 6, 2017

After finish off the first week of November

This picture popped up on my Facebook and it made me smile! The funny thing is just this week Millie has started asking me if Henry would fit in her Flounder costume. 

After Halloween and the farm field trip I took Millie and Henry to the Children's Museum. It had been a few weeks. We had a great morning! And then even snuck in a quick lunch with Tim before he headed to Duke for his final fellowship interview. Yipee!

Millie loves the mums we just bought for our front porch. And check out these cute siblings below!

Kate's school is having their annual fun run fundraiser. She was SO excited to bring home these cheap prizes she got for the pledges she got. 

Friday night movie night. Henry even sat and watched for 2 minutes. Sometimes I wish I could get him to sit and watch tv/movie for a bit because he won't right now. But then I remember he'll be addicted to tv before I know it.
We have really been enjoying having Tim home on the weekends. We had a busy Saturday. I got to go to the temple first thing in the morning. Tim took the girls to the Home Depot kids workshop. Kate had a birthday party. Then Tim and I enjoyed a Saturday night dinner and go-kart racing (+skee ball) date!

Friday, November 3, 2017

Goodbye October, Hello November

What a fun filled weekend...and heck actual Halloween hadn't even happened yet! 

I loved this picture too much that my sister-in-law posted of my family on Sunday just before Game 5 of the World Series that I just have to share! How cute are they?! Since I was tiny I remember cheering for the Dodgers! My mom grew up in LA cheering on the home team and as a kid my Dad was so enchanted by the talent of Sandy Koufax and the team that he decided that Dodgers would be his team (little did he know he'd meet a cute CA Dodger girl at BYU)! So as loyal Dodger fans the MLB playoffs and World Series were so much fun! Although we ended up heartbroken at the end. Anyway, it's pretty fun that my nephews Keaton (held in my brother's arm) and Evan (my Dad is holding onto his shoulders) are both wearing vintage shirt that my brother Bob wore as a kid! 

The weather is finally cooling off! Wahoo! They always say you have to hold out until Halloween and it's so true. We seriously haven't gone to the park since May so when some friends invite us I decided it was time to return. I wasn't sure how long we'd stay since it still isn't that cool but it turned out to be an overcast day and was SO lovely that we stayed for 3 hours! Score!

Monday night we carved pumpkins for FHE! 

I was pretty proud of Kate's carving design. Can you tell we've really been into cheering on our Dodgers! And I'm glad she didn't forget our Cougars despite the awful season. 

Millie and I were in charge of snack for preschool on Halloween. She took clementine pumpkins and these sorry looking spiders. They looked a lot cuter in my mind... Millie loved them though!

Better pictures of the pumpkins! Millie was so excited to get to dress up on actual Halloween for her preschool party! (Kate's school likes to have their party on a half was end of term last week so they had their Halloween celebrations early).

While Millie was a preschool on Tuesday Henry and I spent the morning organizing and going through our clothes totes. And I happened upon this Dodger shirt...the timing couldn't have been more perfect!
Everyone has been loving Tim's light saber that we pulled out to use with his costume. 
And as if Halloween isn't already busy enough, Kate had her first day of her painting class. She actually missed the first week because we were in Utah. Kate's kind of a home body. I've been wanting to sign her up for something but even after dancing this summer she really just wanted to be home after school. But when we found this painting class she jumped at the idea. She absolutely loved it! And on Wednesday said she wished it could always be Tuesday (the day she has painting). I am really excited for her and love how she loves to create!
Then it was finally Halloween night! We met up with our best buddies, the Wrights and had an awesome night trick-or-treating! Henry loved all the dogs at doors as well as the decorations and pumpkins. He was much more interested in checking out everyones pumpkins then even getting the candy. 

I snagged this picture off of Millie's preschool's Instagram account. Too cute!

Then Wednesday I got to help chaperone Kate's field trip to the farm! It took a lot of coordinating and planning but I made it work. A special thanks to my friend, Sydney, for being so willing to watch Henry and Millie for such a long time. 

We got to pick zucchini, swiss chard and turnips as well as feed horses, admire the baby chicks, play in the corn maze and even do some of the other fun activities like jump on their giant pillow. It was such a fun day! I love seeing Kate with her classmates and in her school mode. Chaperoning is not easy. I was only in charge of 6 students but I was afraid I lost one of two of them more than once. But don't worry not for long. 

The Halloween candy haul!