Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Second Week of December

A week we've been waiting for for a long time...Match Week! I was pretty excited to finally know where we headed but as Wednesday approached I stared getting nervous and thought it might be nice to have a few more days before we found out the reality of where we were moving. Tim was on nights this week which isn't my favorite but we survived and are looking forward to him having 5 days off for Christmas. I walked in on this happy scene (above) Sunday night as I was scrambling to get everyone bathed and into bed. Sweet kids!
We enjoyed quite a bit of park time this week as well as a visit to the library and just enjoying the lovely weather!

I don't post on facebook much anymore...but I love these memories that FB shares. This was during interview season during Tim's 4th year of med school. He was interviewing in Irvine and the girls and I flew out to join him and enjoy a little Cali trip and Disneyland! 

 My poor Mom fell and fractured her humorous. We are all so sad for her. The kids wanted to make her cards! 

 The big day finally arrived! Tim told me to wake him up at 9:45am so he could be more awake for when he could log on and find out where he matched at 10am. Poor guy couldn't get up...at 9:55 I made him get up. He went to log in and couldn't remember his password!!! I just about died as he was trying to reset his password. Crazy boy! But anyway...it all worked out and we are THRILLED that Tim matched at the University of Utah! It's were we wanted to go! Tim is ecstatic about his research opportunities. He's already knows who is mentor is going to be. And we are so excited about what this means for our family! Here's a pic of the screen. The girls are thrilled and can't stop talking about moving to Utah!

 As I went through the totes of clothes my brother and SIL gave us of boy clothes I came upon this Utes shirt. It was my brother's from my dad's pharmacy school days. I folded it up and figured there would only be one appropriate day for Henry to wear it. Henry will never be a Ute but he does look pretty cute. And heck we are just so excited Tim will be working there (University Hospital as well as Primary Children's). I should also mention that Henry is the biggest Cougar fan. He only has 2 two word sentences...one of which is "Go Cougars!" He is loyal, strong and true for sure!
Millie came downstairs after lunch to help me water the plants... I think we are all going to be in for a rude awakening when we move to Utah...there is no wearing swim suits in Utah in December! Haha! 
 Millie had her first dance recital on Thursday! She was so excited and did an awesome job! Cute Kate was the best cheerleader. Kate even made her own paper pom poms and sign to take to cheer Millie on!

 Tim had to work, poor guy has never made it to any dance recital... but he took care of her and got her a pretty red "Elena" rose.

I put Henry in his storm trooper shirt to celebrate opening day of The Last Jedi

Babysitting friends on Friday. As well as a Saturday serenade (from both Bahr boys) at breakfast at 7am right when Tim got home before he went to sleep.

 We had a super fun morning at the Children's Museum on Saturday. Oh how we miss our big sister Kate when she's away at school. 

 Millie taped these beads that she found to make Elena earrings! And Kate got to go to a birthday party Saturday afternoon. 

And Tim and I got to go see Star Wars!!! So awesome!

Monday, December 11, 2017

First Week of December

You know just out delivering some "Light the World" aka delivering some Christmas cheer to neighbors and friends!  Last December our church started a "Light the World" Service campaign which encouraged serving others during the Christmas season. We had a great month of December last year trying to follow our Saviors example and are excited to do it again! Each day we do different acts of service. We are keeping it simple but hoping it brings and already has brought a joy and more meaning into this holiday season. I have especially been impressed with Kate. Immediately after discussing how we were going to do this again she was going through her drawers and wanting to give away clothes and toys to those in need. Most days I worry that I am doing something wrong and not teaching my kids everything they need to know...but it is moments like this that make me smile and wonder if I'm not doing too many things wrong. Anyway, December is off to a good start! 
Tim started a new rotation in the PICU for the month of December which means obscure hours. He worked the 11am-11pm shift this week so we made the most of the small window of time we had with him with a trip to Ikea one day, another day we went to the hospital to check on the many themed Christmas trees they have in the lobby. It was like a mini Festival of Trees. It was a lot of fun. 

Kate had an early dismissal day Tuesday so we took the opportunity and hosted our annual gingerbread houses decorating party with our friends, the Wrights! It was so much fun to see those little people just go for it and they turned out so cute. 


Henry really needed his nap the day we made our houses so I saved his and let him do his the next day. He loved doing it (and eating a bunch of candy)!

All the kids got haircuts on Wednesday.

Kate's school hosted their first every holiday shop. She got to take a little money to school and buy presents for us. She was so excited and thoughtful about the cute little gifts she selected. She was so excited to wrap them up. 
It was kind of a long week with Tim gone each evening (we got totally spoiled last month)... Wednesday night we went for a walk around our neighborhood to check out all the lights. It was really fun to take thew wagon and get up close to the lights and blow-ups. This might have to be a new tradition. 

We love those cheap chocolate advent calendars. Poor Henry got the short end of the stick and had multiple days where there wasn't a chocolate behind the daily flap. After 3 in a row I figured Tim must have been sneaking them but he swore he wasn't. The girls thought it was a big mystery and Kate made this sign, "Please top eating these chocolate." I assumed Millie must have been sneaking them but actually as it turns out it's just a cheap, defective one because I've checked the whole calendar now and there are more days where there isn't one then there is. Boo! The girls have been so concerned for Henry...don't worry though I have some back up chocolate for him!

Making gingerbread men!

Friday evening was the PCH Residency Holiday Party! Last year Tim and I went alone (we for some reason didn't go our first year). It was of course nice going without kids but there were so many kids that we decided next time we'd bring them. And we were SO glad we did. The kids all tore up the dance floor! I couldn't keep Kate away from the dance floor.  They just had a total ball. They had a photo booth, yummy dinner, all you can drink lemonade and lots of desserts. Plus the girls know a few of the other residents kids and they were happy to dance with their friends. 
It did start at 6:30 but by 8:10, after leaving the table to get a treat, I came back to this. Millie just couldn't party any longer. 

I'm super bummed we didn't get a real shot of our family in our fancy Christmas best but here's the pics we got at the photo booth!

Then Saturday it was finally the day for Kate's (and Millie's) Christmas Hot Chocolate Tea Party!  Kate planned all the awesome little details and activities. She really is such a cute little party planner. I just help with execution. 

Tim had the day off so the Bahr boys went hiking (Tim didn't take any pictures darn it) while the Bahr girls stayed home and partied. 

And Saturday night we went to enjoy the Mesa Temple Christmas lights! They do such an awesome job! And it still kills me that all we wear is a sweatshirt. Millie actually ended up taking hers off and was fine. 

Oh and if we are going to be over in Mesa we always have to stop at Sodalicious. Especially when they have their peppermint frosting on their fudge cookies. So festive and yummy! A really great week. Our Christmas bucket list is actually almost all done and it's only the 9th of December!!!