Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Good Bye November, Welcome December

Sunday we had to head back to Phoenix! Although this time my mom drove with us. And as it turns out it was a huge blessing. Our drive ended up taking 2 hours longer due to multiple stops on the freeway for holiday traffic and Millie threw up multiple times both of which when we couldn't pull over. I don't know what I would have done had I been by myself. Anyway, the kids were amazing in spite of the long day and Henry ended up getting to try ice cream for the first time! Sneaky guy! And he LOVED it!

We loved having my mom in Phoenix with us for a couple days! Kate insisted we go to the American Girl doll store, we enjoyed some yummy food out and just enjoyed having her at our house!

And we even pulled out the tree and got to decorate with Grandma a little bit! 

Our favorite fish taco place that we fell in love with on Maui...we just so happen to have one here too!

Our little tree...we got this tree when we lived in Denver in our little one bedroom apartment. It was the perfect size and actually was great for our little house in Iowa City too. But now that we have so much more space I thought we should get a bigger tree...but then again I hesitate and didn't last year because I have no idea where we are headed after our time here in Phoenix. I worry we'll end up in a 2 bedroom condo in San Diego. I decided this year that I really did want to get a bigger tree. I thought maybe a real tree this year would be fun. As Kate heard be discussing this with Tim she plead to keep our little tree. She said she loved it so much! And because I'm a push over and it was easier just to use it we still have our little tree. And although I still long for a big tree I can't help and smile at all of our different homes we've used it in. It was even more magical this year decorating the tree and talking about each ornament and its story.

Always a good time at Tot Town!

On December 1st we decided to participate in the church's Light the World initiative! Check it out here. We kicked off our month of doing 25 acts of service like the Savior over 25 days by feeding the missionaries. And Millie came up with the idea of making and taking cookies to her nursery leader all by herself. It has been really uplifting and special to see the girls get excited about this! And it has definitely brought a sweet spirit into our home and helped us focus on Christ and others this Christmas season!

We had to feed the missionaries to go since Tim wasn't able to be home. The missionaries had just finished helping someone move (that's why they aren't in their white shirts and ties :) 

Millie was so excited to take cookies to Bro. Bowler! She was so disappointed when he wasn't able to come to the door because he had had surgery that day. We did get to visit with his wife and cute daughters. 
The rest of the week we focused on getting unpacked and back into the swing of real life!

I love these pictures of Millie at tumbling. Especially this one as she sits quietly listening to her teachers directions. And this picture below...Millie looking longingly at the giant Elsa's Ice Palace at Costco! Anyone else's daughter want one of these?! It is darling but it's HUGE! When I told Millie we didn't have room for it she told me, "It's okay mom I'll ask Santa for it!"

As soon as Kate woke up on Friday morning she raced downstairs. Thursday night we briefly discussed how the Light the World activity for Friday was "Jesus honored his parents and so can you." Kate wanted to write a note to Tim. She completed it and set it on his nightstand so he'd get in Saturday when we got home from his call shift! She's such a sweetheart!

Friday night I packed the kids up and we headed to our ward's Christmas party! We were sad for Tim to miss out again and I wondered if it would be easier to just stay home. But boy am I glad we went. It was Polar Express themed and oh my gosh they did an amazing job! The girls couldn't stop talking about the decorations, the pretend train they got to ride on before they got to see Santa and even the dancing youth that delivered "hot hot hot hot chocolate"(the cute song from the movie)!

On the train
Waiting in line to see Santa with their train ticket in hand

Tim got home Saturday a bit early at 10:30 and although needed to sleep couldn't pass up the opportunity to take the girls to one of our favorite monthly activities, the Home Depot Kid Workshop! The girls made these Gingerbread candy dishes.

Then Saturday night we headed over to Mesa to check out the lights at the Mesa Temple! It's still pretty crazy to me to enjoy Christmas lights in 60 degree weather. But especially with little kids I am thankful for the nice weather. Kate wanted to share the little candy canes we had bought so the girls passed some out. It was pretty cute. It was a really nice festive family night! Just what we needed!

They have the best nativity exhibit on display with husbands of nativity sets from around the world! It's really impressive. Kate and Millie especially loved the Precious Moments one :)

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  1. Kate is seeming so grown up! And your ward party looks amazing!