Thursday, December 15, 2016

First Week of December

I kick off December I decided it was time to try and get a Sunday picture of the kids! Every week I see darling pictures of friends families dressed in their Sunday best and I love it. I would like to start doing it too but I'm not so sure I can get Tim on board and I'm not sure I have the strength to do it all on my own. So we'll see. Anyway...I love these pictures so much! 

We wrote out letters to Santa after church. Kate was getting into character for her nursery rhyme performance at school (She's doing Hickory Dickory Dock) along with dancing with Millie when we decided to sit down and write...hence that awesome assemble Kate has on :)
Millie lost interest pretty quick but Kate was really into it and wrote these gems!

Found this gem of a toy in our decoration box. It's been a hit ever sense one of Kate's preschool friends gave it to her!

It's started cooling down here in Phoenix. Even last week seemed a bit chilly. But this week was perfection. Tuesday Kate had an early release day and to celebrate we told Henry too bad about his afternoon nap and headed to the train park for some fun! It was such a beautiful, lovely day (see Kate's happy wearing short sleeves). And I know I've mentioned it and I know it isn't popular but oh how I love having my Kate around. I really wish she only had half day kindergarten. Tuesday was a particularly great day!

We hadn't been to the train park in awhile so it was especially fun! Henry got to ride on his first train and he loved it! The park was all decorated for Christmas which made it even better.
First train ride 12/6/16

It's been so fun to see the joy that this time of year brings...even just the simply joys of having Christmas decorations up is just so fun! We've been having lots of fun with our elf Keiko and doing our best to center our thoughts/actions on Christ and doing our Light the World service including visiting a lonely friend and donating canned goods to the food bank.

You can't see Millie in this pictures but this is our daily walk to the playground gates to drop off Kate at school! I could simply go through the drive-through drop off but Kate still needs/wants us to walk her up and I'm okay with that. I still can't believe we have a kindergartener!
Thursday we met up with some friends at the zoo. The animals were really out and Millie walked hand in hand the whole time with one of her best buds Avery the entire time! It was SO cute! And Millie's favorite, the cougars, were actually up and walking around! Such a great day!

Tumbling for Millie on Friday! She is having so much fun! I find her somersaulting, hopping and pointing her toes throughout the day at home. It's been so fun to watch her learn and be in a class like this listening to her teacher and exercising!

Then Friday night Tim and I attended PCH's resident Christmas party at one of the fancy Hilton ballrooms. It was so fun to get dressed up a bit and enjoy an evening out. Unfortunately I didn't snap a picture of Tim and I besides the photo booth ones but I did take a few of me. Not sure if I should be offended or just take it as a compliment but one of Tim's old Iowa classmates had to take a double take of me...and as he tried to look for the right words said he "just was used to seeing me with my hair down, not fancy like that... You look fantastic." Hmmm.

Then late Friday night Tim's brother Nick, his wife Jess and their youngest daughter made it to Phoenix! I had gotten a message from my sister-in-law on Wednesday asking if we'd be around this weekend. She then went on to explain that Nick needed to drive down a company car to Phoenix and wanted to visit us this weekend. She was going to leave her two older kids and tag along. I was SO excited! Tim had a busy weekend on call and so I was particularly excited to have some friends to play with on Saturday. We had so much fun having them here! We really missed their older two kids that our close to Millie and Kate's age but my girls loved having a little more one-on-one time with them too. Kate especially took to Jess, always asking to sit by her, try to match her, ask her to do her hair etc.
They stayed through Monday morning so it was a quick trip but we made time to do some shopping, they met up with an old friend for lunch and Nick took the kids swimming. Only he was crazy enough to actually jump in our pool (they don't heat our pool and despite the nice 70 degree temps it does cool off into the low 50s at night so the water is chilly) but everyone had fun in the hot tub! And we made it over to the Mesa Temple to show them the lights too! More on that next week!

Marlow is 5 months older than Henry


  1. I love those pictures of you! Glad you took them, that dress is darling.

  2. Haha... that comment from tim's old classmate made me laugh. We don't get to get out of "mom" mode very often. You did look gorgeous! But you look that way with your hair down, too. :) I miss having Oakley home too, but I don't necessarily miss the fighting between her and Pete. Christmas looks magical at your house. I love how you said in your Christmas card update that "Hayley doesn't skip a beat" with Tim working so much. Isn't that the truth?! Oh and I'm with Millie- Cougars are really cool.