Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Day 2017

We had a spectacular Christmas Day! Kate woke up at 5:40am and told me she couldn't sleep anymore because she was so excited! I had her snuggle in with me only for Henry to wake up at 6. So I fed him and then we figured it was time. We actually had to wake up Millie.

Christmas is so magical as a parent! I loved watching the thrill and excitement. Kate got a Moana dress up, glitter pens and her paint-your-own Princess jewelry box, "exactly what she had asked Santa for!" Millie got a cash register, Jasmine Barbie and a stuffed animal Elsa doll. Henry got cars, a train, some books and his favorite gift one of those banana teething toys.

We spent Christmas Eve/Christmas morning with Tim's parents. We had to hurry a little to make it to church at 10am. Originally I was a little worried about having to get everyone ready for church and not wanting to rush our morning...but quickly checked myself and thought of all days to attend church, Christmas Day is the most important. I mean heck we celebrate Christmas because of Christ...and what a better day to honor Him than going to church and worshipping.  We felt the Spirit so strongly and I never want to forget hearing Millie sing "Angels We Have Heard on High" specifically the "Gloria" part so loudly and sweetly!

After church we packed up and headed to spent the rest of the day in Salt Lake at my parents house!

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