Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Day 2017

We had a spectacular Christmas Day! Kate woke up at 5:40am and told me she couldn't sleep anymore because she was so excited! I had her snuggle in with me only for Henry to wake up at 6. So I fed him and then we figured it was time. We actually had to wake up Millie.

Christmas is so magical as a parent! I loved watching the thrill and excitement. Kate got a Moana dress up, glitter pens and her paint-your-own Princess jewelry box, "exactly what she had asked Santa for!" Millie got a cash register, Jasmine Barbie and a stuffed animal Elsa doll. Henry got cars, a train, some books and his favorite gift one of those banana teething toys.

We spent Christmas Eve/Christmas morning with Tim's parents. We had to hurry a little to make it to church at 10am. Originally I was a little worried about having to get everyone ready for church and not wanting to rush our morning...but quickly checked myself and thought of all days to attend church, Christmas Day is the most important. I mean heck we celebrate Christmas because of Christ...and what a better day to honor Him than going to church and worshipping.  We felt the Spirit so strongly and I never want to forget hearing Millie sing "Angels We Have Heard on High" specifically the "Gloria" part so loudly and sweetly!

After church we packed up and headed to spent the rest of the day in Salt Lake at my parents house!

Third Week of December

Can't believe Christmas is this week! We are so excited! And super excited to be going home to Utah to see our families!

December has been a long month for our family in regards to Tim's schedule. He's been working a 86 or 92 hours some weeks (fortunately per the law he had a vacation week squeezed in there so his monthly average came to 77 hours a week...he's not supposed to exceed 80). Anyway...Sunday we were craving some daddy time so we drove down to the county hospital and snuck in some time. And because he was at the county hospital we even got to go to the resident work room.
Tim was post call on Monday which worked out perfectly so he could come to our Gingerbread House FHE I had planned with our favorite friends, the Wrights! It was a perfect way to start the week. The kids had so much fun. I think Kate spent almost an hour on her house!

Millie loved squeezing out the frosting and every time she did had to say "squeeze squeeze!" It was pretty dang cute. Be sure to check out the awesome tribute to Phoenix cactus that Tim made in Millie's house's front yard!

Tuesday I finished Henry's stocking! Yay! What a relief! I can't believe I left it to the week before but I got it done and even had a few days to have it hang with the others. I sent this picture to my mom and got teary... for some reason it just hit me how fortunate we are to have 5 stockings to hang.

We enjoyed some fun and friend time at the Children's Museum.

And enjoyed the magic of Christmas lights and decorations...

And enjoyed driving around the Moon Valley area admiring the Christmas lights. This neighborhood does a serious competition with awards and everything. It's pretty awesome and only 10 minutes from our house! This isn't a great picture, I snapped it while I was feeding Henry... this house was amazing. It was one of those that has the lights synced to the music where you tune into their radio station. So cool.

And I just loved this picture I snapped of Millie playing during quiet time. 

We planned to leave for Utah on Thursday after work and drive part way to  Mesquite, NV. Tim got home at 6:40pm. As soon as he walked in we loaded up the kids and hit the road. Millie fell asleep within 15 minutes and Henry was asleep by 7:30pm. Our drive was really quiet (other than Kate waking up and having a 20 minute night terror) and we made it to Mesquite without much trouble. 

Then Friday, other than seriously almost running out of gas near Cedar City, Utah because we somehow spaced filling up with gas, our drive was smooth. My kids are so awesome and I'm always so relieved and proud at how well they travel. 

Friday we got to check out Tim's brother's new house and then we all got together for Gingerbread House decorating and a pizza party at Grandma and Grandpa B's.

Oh how we love cousin time! It is seriously my most favorite watching how happy and how much fun my kids have playing with all their cousins!

Then Saturday I was able to run up to Salt Lake to reconnect with my old crew for brunch. Oh how I adore these beautiful ladies (We missed you Anne)! It has been over 3 years since I'd seen Lindsey. I got to also meet her husband and sweet new baby.
Saturday we also got to have lunch with my family and do the Sokol cousin gift exchange before making it back to Orem for the traditional Christmas Eve feast, jammies and gifts with Grandma and Grandpa B and acting out the nativity (I didn't get any pics since I was feeding Henry and getting him ready for bed).

Kate setting up cookies for Santa before heading to bed. Then we did our magic. 
Happy Christmas Eve!

Kate gifts on the left, Millie's on the right