Monday, November 21, 2016

Third Week of November

Tim got off one of his 30 hour shifts on Sunday morning just after we got home from church at 12:30pm. He said he wanted to play with the girls before heading to bed. Not even 10 minutes later both girls came down to the kitchen to see me. passed out while playing princesses. I walked in on this... Poor guy! He's exhausted.

Sunday swinging and playing in the backyard!

Wednesday we headed to tot town.  Look at that happy boy! Henry would much rather crawl around and pull himself up on everything but he also wants to put everything in his month...and since there are a million kids there I decided I'm going to keep him in my Ergo as long as I can! Henry also has a new favorite "toy." He loves the springy flag on top of the castle (see below).

Tim made it home just in time for stories! And Millie started her little tumbling class on Friday! This is Millie's first class! I had to wait till she was three so I didn't have to be included. She was a little hesitant to go in but once she went she totally loved it! And as we walked out of the rec center she asked, "Can we come back tomorrow? I love tumbling!" I loved seeing her participate, play and listen. So glad it was finally her turn! She's been such a good sport watching Kate's dance and gymnastics classes. And I am super excited...I just signed up both Kate and Millie for a dance class after Christmas. They will be in the same class and I can't wait!

Millie's next to the mirror on the beam with her arms up in the air way in the back!

The rec center has these fun balls outside the entrance like the ones Target has. We of course had to stop and play and I love the poses this girl came up with! After school on Friday we met up with some of our favorite friends, the Gibbons, at the park and then headed to a newly opened Cafe Rio close by. I had a BOGO free coupon.

Like I mentioned Tim's been a hard working doctor. We were really ready for him to have a day off since he'd work 12 straight days...Saturday was the day! I thought about what fun plans/adventure we should do but when I asked Kate what she wanted to do she came up with much better ideas. She wanted to go get bagels for breakfast and have a picnic. So that's what we did! After a bagel run and a stop at Home Depot, Tim and the girls settled down in the backyard for a little painting session! Days spent with Dad are totally just more fun!

Our picnic was also a hit and we had so much fun teaching the girls how to play bocce! It was really  nice to take things a little slow and stay close to home! So often we are off trying to go do fun things but you really can have just as much fun, or even more fun, right in your backyard! We finished off the day with a family movie night. We watched Finding Dory! It was a REALLY good day!

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  1. I love the painting session in your backyard, artists at work! These pictures are so sweet. I don't know how Tim can do so many days of work in a row, and without sleep! You all are amazing!