Monday, November 14, 2016

Second Week of November

November just keeps marching along...Thanksgiving is almost here! I can't believe it. Sunday Kate gave the talk in Primary! She was assigned to speak on reverence. But she insisted that she wanted to talk about the First Vision. She drew this picture to share. And I adore it! The caption read, "When Joseph Smith went to the Sacred Grove he was reverent."

We put dyed rice into the sand/water table Millie got for her birthday and it's been a crazy awesome hit!

Kate is always drawing something. I loved his ballerina she drew complete with a bun! Monday we went and had lunch with Kate at school. I love getting a glimpse into her school life and love seeing her happy and having fun with her friends!

Another Kate masterpiece above. She calls is "Sunflowers." Then Tuesday Kate's school had their annual Fun Run. They do an amazing job getting the kids pumped for it. Kate couldn't stop talking about it for weeks! That morning she told me "this is the best day ever!" She ended up completing 26 laps (a lap was 1/16 of a mile). She ran her heart out and had so much fun! We loved cheering her on and even got to run a couple laps with her!

We've been going on lots of walks/bike rides. The weather is finally cooling off and we are loving it! Millie insists on stopping to smell the bougainvillea aka "pink flowers" that she says smell like strawberries.

Last week Henry started pulling himself up in his crib. He's now graduated to pulling himself up on everything now and he couldn't be more proud of himself! That smiles says it all!
Then Friday was Veteran's Day! Kate had the day off and so we made plans to go visit this amazing park in Anthem, AZ (like 25 minutes from us). We met up with some of our favorite friends, the Gibbons, who we had not seen in awhile. It didn't even cross my mind when we were making plans but there was a big Veterans Day celebration going on complete with a big brass band and multiple fly overs. It was awesome!

During our picnic lunch I went to just take a cute picture of the girls when another fly over happened. I caught the girls wonder and a bit of fear on camera. Kind of a perfect capture.

Don't most people ride their bikes in boots and leotards?!

Tim's schedule has been kind of rough this month. He's working inpatient wards on the oncology floor. Every fourth day he has a 30 hour shift. It kind of stinks but I'm proud to say we are trying hard to not let it get us down too much. I went to bed Friday night realizing that we hadn't made any plans for Saturday. Tim was going to be gone the entire day/night so I knew we needed to make some fun plans. Saturday morning I proposed several ideas to the girls including hiking, donuts, the children's museum, the zoo and going to the Disney Store. To my delight they chose hiking! So after a quick donut stop we headed to one of our favorite little hikes at Hole in the Rock. It's short enough I figured I could do it with the three kids on my own. We had the best time! The girls just loved it and Henry was so happy in the carrier. It was a little bit of a proud moment for me. Although I feel like I generally do a good job of moving forward, making plans and not sitting around during Tim's long hours as we hiked today it felt especially good. I truly am so fortunate! And although Tim can't be around much this month I am lucky to have three other pretty cute kids to keep me company!

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