Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Happy Halloween 2016

Happy Halloween from your friends in Wonderland! I'm not exactly sure but it was sometime this summer Kate decided she wanted to be Alice in Wonderland. It's always hard for me to believe that she is actually going to stick with the idea but just like last year too the idea didn't budge. I thought last year would be our last year with doing a family theme since Millie already seemed to have her own opinion even last year but we quickly learned that if there is a cat involved she's game. She immediately took to being the Cheshire Cat and the rest of use just fell into place! And thankfully Tim was a good sport! 

We had a fun filled week prior filled with Halloween activities and fun! And the fun only continued! We started off trick-or-treating with some of our favorite friends, the Wrights and then headed to our church's Trunk-or-Treat! It made for a busy night but it was a party! By the end of the night though the girls were ready to head home and they fell asleep in a second!

Here are some close up pics of our favorite Alice, Cheshire Cat and White Rabbit!

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  1. Very cute costumes, Hay! You all look perfect in every way. I love Kate, Millie, and Henry's beautiful smiles! They look so happy. I can tell that it was an especially fun Halloween for all of you!