Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Fourth Week of October

Sunday was Kate's Primary Program! Each year our Primary (the group of children age 3-12) at church put on a program during our sacrament meeting! It is always such a highlight and although this was Kate's second time participating it was a big deal because Grandma B was in town for it and Tim was there too! Last year he had had to work. So it was extra special this year! Kate sang every song and said her two parts perfectly! I am so proud of the beautiful, smart girl that she is becoming! And am so proud to be her mom!

When it was time to walk up to the front poor Millie cried because she wanted to go too! She knows most of the songs and even knew and said Kate's part on repeat the days leading up to it! Sweet girl!  We snagged a few pictures before church!

Grandma B had to leave Monday morning :( Although we missed her we filled our week with October traditions including making caramel popcorn, pumpkin chocolate chip bread, decorating Halloween sugar cookies and painting pumpkins!

 Kate is growing up. The girls are always helping me in the kitchen. However, the hot stove always makes me nervous. Somehow Kate popped right up and asked if she could stir. I decided we could give it a try. She carefully stirred the ingredients the whole time and as she questioned how I knew how to do this and how I knew the caramel was ready I taught her the making a "soft ball" in cold water and explained that my mom had taught me when I was little! I love sharing moments like this!
 Henry LOVES to eat! Crazy guy just totally skipped the purees. I literally tried for over a month to get him to eat cereal and pureed fruits and vegetables. Turns out he just wants table food. He doesn't have any teeth and doesn't have the pincer grasp but insists on eating small bits of food and even refusing to have small bits of food served on a spoon.

Kate didn't have school on Friday because it was the end of the term. And I'm not sure why else but Kate's school had their Halloween parade and class parties on Thursday!  Kate was SO excited for Thursday to come. Not only were all the Halloween festivities happening but we also arranged to have her best little friend in her class come over to play after their early dismissal from school.

Kate loved parading about the school. If you look closely at the picture below you can see her waving excitedly as she spotted me coming out of her classroom door! She keeps talking about the parade and saying how she can't wait till next year when she'll get to do it again. Oh and sining "The Monster Mash!" Henry, Millie and I enjoyed seeing all the cute costumes too!

Then after the parade we ran home, fed Henry, and then was off again to go drop off Millie and Henry at a friend's house so I could go help with the class party! It was SO much fun to be in Kate's classroom. I wish I was able to get in their more often...but with younger siblings I just haven't been able to commit to a weekly volunteer gig. Anyway...I had a ball getting to meet every single kid. It was so fun to put a face to all these names I hear Kate talk about and know so well. And Kate was just beaming. She loved having me there! Made me feel like a million bucks!

 With Kate's day off on Friday I decided it would be the perfect time to host a little Halloween cookie decorating party! It was a blast!

 Then Saturday we enjoyed a slow morning at home complete with swinging in our jammies. I still can't get over how all these 3 kids swinging are mine! I'm so blessed!
 After we filled our tummies with waffles we ended up going to the zoo to find the remaining Lego statues that we hadn't found yet.

And then Saturday evening we got to get dressed up and go to Tim's PCH resident Halloween party!

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  1. What a lot of fun things you all did to celebrate Halloween! Looks like Kate loves school and had a wonderful time being in the Halloween parade. I'm so glad she is happy and enjoying her friends at school. I love that you make sugar cookies and popcorn balls with the girls just like we always did together, Hay. You are such an amazing mommy! You make everything fun! I'm so glad Kim came to see you!