Thursday, November 10, 2016

First Week of November

I can't believe it's November! Thanksgiving will be here before we know it! And I'm so excited that the kids and I are going to Utah to celebrate! Tim is on one of his inpatient months and his hours are long. And since he'll be working a 30 hour shift on Thanksgiving and Kate had the time off of school I decided it as time to try driving to Utah by myself with the kids. I just might regret it but I am anxious to see how it goes. Fortunately my mom will be driving back with us!

Kate insisted that her and Millie take these pictures after church on Sunday! And then our backdoor neighbor delivered us the most thoughtful Halloween gift. I feel like we hardly know her but she adores hearing the girls singing while they swing in the backyard and loves us for that. It wasn't just a few pieces of candy but rather an entire trick-or-treat bag full of stickers, playdough, grow your own sunflower kits, a puzzle and more. Kate loved the giant cupcake too with "worms coming out of the ground!" It was such a nice Sunday surprise that kept the girls busy for nice awhile.

I already wrote about Halloween in my previous post but the one non-Halloween event that happened that needs to be documented was that Henry sat in the grocery cart today! That's a huge milestone! He loves his new found freedom outside of his carseat and loves having his big sis ride along side! Love those Costco carts!

In other big Henry milestone news...We walked in to get Henry Tuesday morning and found that he had pulled himself up! Oh my! This boy is now pulling himself up on furniture and is just too big!

I had to document my horrific wait time as I was on hold to double check that the bill I had received from Kate's doctor's office had already been paid. Yeah you are reading that right it says 1 hour 27 minutes and I'm afraid to say it wasn't until 1 hour 36 minutes that I finally got through. Tim told me I should have hung up long before than but I needed to check and it's not like I was sitting there. I drove home from an appt, ran to Hobby Lobby, had lunch, did dishes and fed and put Henry down for his nap all while I was on hold. They got an earful when I finally got through :)

Remember book orders?! I remember just loving them as a kid. It's been fun to see Kate (and Millie) share my enthusiasm. But now many of the book come with fancy additions like jewelry, stickers, or pens. Of course the girls like the ones that include a pretty necklace and thus are the most expensive ones! Tim's mom was here when Kate brought home a new book order and obliged in the girls expensive tastes.

Children's Museum fun! I still hate going places without Kate! I miss having her home with us! But I really enjoy being able to go into the under 3 area at the museum when we go without her. It's such a cute area that both Millie and Henry love!

With being towards downtown I decided to take the opportunity to vote early! For some reason my ballot never arrived at our house even though it was supposed to. Tim's came but mine did not. When I looked into where to vote early the closest place was 30 minutes away. I had kind of decided I'd brave the line and hope it wasn't too long on election day but when we spontaneously decided to go to the museum I looked up how close we might be and was less than 10 minutes so we went. I walked right in and although sad about my options this year I voted! And ended up getting interviewed by a The Circus camera crew. It was kind of funny I walked right by them but as I headed to my car one ran over to me and asked if I would be willing. I think seeing a mom with two cute kids in tow makes for good tv, right?! I actually forgot to even check if I ended up making the cut. I doubt it but it was still fun!

We love to swing! And it's still pretty crazy to see my three beautiful children swinging in a row in our backyard! We are so lucky. One late afternoon the clouds rolled in, the wind began to blow and it cooled down enough I thought Henry might need a little jacket. Thank heavens that it's starting to cool off down here! It's still got a ways to go but it's coming! And I'm so excited!

Friday I went to a Phoenix Mom Blog event at Costco. It was pretty low key but we scored free breakfast and got a pretty fun swag bag full of all these samples!

Then right after school I took the kids to the American Girl Doll Store. The girls had filled up their puff ball jar for listening well and the predetermined prize was to go get a charm for their charm bracelets! We always love going and had a fun Friday night even though Tim had one of his 30 hour shifts and missed out.

We made sure to keep the fun coming...Saturday we hit up the Kids Workshop at Home Depot were we built helicopters. And then Kate had a birthday party for our next door neighbor at Peter Piper Pizza! They had asked parents to stay so after checking with our friends they were excited to have our whole crew. And Millie couldn't have been more pleased!

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  1. A lot of fun, cute pictures of Kate, Millie, and Henry! Glad you voted, Hay! You all have been very busy. Love you and are excited for you to come for Thanksgiving!