Tuesday, October 4, 2016

To the Valley...Denver

After a fabulous couple days in the mountains we headed down to spend a few days in Denver! After dropping Greg and Elizabeth off towndown we drove out to Littleton to visit Tim's cousin Crista and her beautiful family! We love the Harvey's and got very close to them during those two years we lived in Denver! It was so fun to reconnect and see how their kids had grown. And we were able to catch the Saturday afternoon General Conference session. 

They were so thoughtful and even set up a Conference Concession Stand for the girls because they knew that's what we always do for conference. It was so sweet! Kate had been sad that General Conference fell on the weekend we were on vacation and that we weren't going to be able to do all our Conference traditions. Nathan did an especially amazing job coming up with all sorts of activities to earn tickets!

We also got to meet the Harvey's newest addition, Tyler! Henry and Tyler are only 2 months apart so it was fun to see them "play" together!

We didn't get near enough time with the Harvey's but loved every second that we did have together!
Sunday afternoon was the wedding. We spent Sunday morning at City Park where Henry had his first swinging experience and TOTALLY loved it!

Sleeping sisters worn out for a day of fun on Saturday night

We then got dressed up and headed to Littleton for the wedding. It was at the gorgeous Manor House. The views were amazing. You could see downtown in the distance one way and Red Rocks the other. The ceremony was beautiful and it was so fun to be reunited with a few other med school friends! Sam looked gorgeous and the girls loved being at the wedding! I did take Tim's cousin, Crista, up on her offer to watch the kids and ended up putting Henry to bed at their house so we could stay at the wedding a bit later and dance the night away. It worked out so perfectly and was so nice to know Henry was happy sleeping. Thank you Crista! The girls danced their hearts out and we had such a fun evening!

We tried to take a picture of just me and Tim but the girls wouldn't have it ;)

I love these two pictures that Greg and Elizabeth took...as you can see Kate was in heaven playing with them!
UofI Carve College of Medicine Reunite

Another med school shot...I didn't take near enough pictures of Sam
A few other random pictures...
We also enjoyed some VooDoo doughnuts while in Denver...dang they are impressively the best doughnut I've ever had!

Greg and Elizabeth introduced the girls to the fun of snapchat...oh man!

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