Sunday, October 23, 2016

Second Week of October

We had the best week! Kate was on Fall Break Wednesday through Friday and we LOVED having her home with us! Man...I had so many people tell me how I was going to love full-day kindergarten...that just hasn't happened yet! I miss having her around so much! Kindergarten has been a very big adjustment for all of us. It was such a welcome break having her home! 

To kick off the week Kate insisted on watching some General Conference. Kate was sad that we had missed much of it with being in Colorado on our trip. We only ended up watching a couple talks but I was pretty proud of Kate! And was happy to take some time as a family to listen to the apostles!

We also finally got the girls bunk beds set up. We bought the beds back in December of last year when Millie transitioned out of the crib and the girls started sharing a room. We had planned to use them side by side as regular twin beds but quickly realized with the closet, window, and bookshelf I wanted between them that they wouldn't fit. Oops! So Millie went into the toddler bed and Kate started using her new twin. I told Kate I wasn't comfortable bunking them until Millie got a little older and when Kate pinned me down and asked when that would be I finally decided when Millie turned 3. Needless to say Kate has been counting down the days till Millie's birthday! The girls love them and the only problem we've had is trying to make Kate's bed each morning. I'm afraid it is never going to look as made as I would like. We still haven't rehung their pictures etc. so I'll have to take a better picture when it's all finished. 

Tuesday is gymnastics day for Kate! It's tricky to get a good picture through the glass window. If you look closely you can see Kate on the balance beam! 

Henry turned 7 months old! And is the cutest guy ever! And also on Wednesday to kick off Fall Break we headed to the pumpkin patch with some friends per Kate's request! 

I adore Fall and unfortunately here in AZ we don't get to enjoy one. Boo! Yet I try my best to fill our home with pumpkin flavored goods and think cooler thoughts and dream of crunchy changing leaves! I'm afraid visiting the pumpkin patch in 95+ degree temps is never going to feel right! However, we had a fabulous time getting lost in the corn maze, riding the cow barrel train, picking pumpkins and enjoying all the other activities. 

So grown up riding by herself. Last year I recall cramming a pregnant me, Millie and Kate into on barrel because Kate wouldn't ride by herself.
So then I got to cram me, Millie and Henry into one barrel :)

Millie got a water table from my parents for her birthday! We've enjoyed lots of water fun in our backyard this week. I am excited to try filling it with dry rice or beans in the future too!

Kate had to bring 5 items to school for her "All About Me Bag" activity! Here's what she picked... poor girl was disappointed that a few things she wanted to bring wouldn't fit in the small bag provided. But we was pretty pleased with what she decided to bring. Cute girl! I couldn't agree more with the marker she brought to represent her love of art and creating as well as the music note picture she drew. But I'm not exactly sure how that pink dolphin got in there other than the fact that she does like it and she told me that Cosmo her BYU pillow pet wouldn't fit.

We've been going on lots of walks/bike rides around the neighborhood! Tim's hours have been mostly really good this month. But he's been doing an adolescent rotation and his hours have been a little later. You know that tough hour or two in the evening around the time you are trying to fix, serve and clean up after dinner? Well Henry does especially well outside so I just decided that we'd just start going for a walk after dinner and it's worked like a charm. And this day we spotted Millie's favorite neighborhood cat! Win win!
Kate had several ideas of things we needed to do over Fall Break including a movie night and a trip to the Children's Museum!

Oh and painting pumpkins!

And a visit to Peter Piper Pizza! Kate adores the "treat" dessert pizza they have at their lunch buffet that they do M-F at lunch time (all when she is usually in school so we had to go)!

Then Saturday we enjoyed a picnic at the park after Kate and Tim's daddy daughter date to the art museum! I was so mad at Tim for not taking any pictures. While we were in Denver our friends went to the Denver Art Museum. We dropped them close by before heading to visit Tim's cousin and Kate was so sad to not get to go. She was very excited to hear we also had an art museum in Tim promised her he'd take her. Kate packed up her sketch pad and they spent over 2 hours there in total heaven. Tim tells me the employees loved Kate's excitement and loved asking to see her sketches. I love how much she loves art!

We also finally got the hardware to finally hang up our bucket swing. So Henry finally had his inaugural first swing on our swing set. It almost made my heart explode to see all 3 of my babies swinging together! I'm a lucky mom!

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  1. Loved this post! 95 degrees in October sounds so strange. I don't envy you there. Regarding the bunk beds- have you heard of Beddy's? Look them up in Instagram. They make bedding that zips up so bunk beds are super easy to make every day. I'm thinking about getting some for Oakley's loft bed.