Sunday, October 9, 2016

Millie's Meow Bus Party

For months Millie has been talking about her Meow Bus party! The cat bus, or Meow bus as Millie likes to call it, is from the movie My Neighbor Totoro! Ever heard of it? I never had until one of Tim's med school classmates introduced Kate to it and the girls loved it ever sense. It's a Japanese animated fantasy film made in 1988 but rereleased by Disney in 2006. There's this cat bus that comes and give the main characters a ride to visit their mom in the hospital. Given Millie's obsession with kitties the Meow Bus has been a fan favorite from the the beginning. It was super fun to plan her party about a cat bus/Totoro theme!

The decorations and cake were SO fun! Tim made Millie the cutest Meow Bus out of cardboard and I'm pretty proud with how the cake turned out. We decided to keep the party small and just invited Millie's three closest friends (as well as her friend Bri's older brother who is a good friend of Kate's). It was a nice little number of kids and we had a lot of fun! As far as activities go we did Totoro coloring pages while we waited for everyone to arrive, then we had a Nature Scavenger Hunt around our neighborhood, played a bean bag umbrella toss and collected acorns. And the kids took home a bag of Millie's favorite chocolate kitty cat crackers from Trader Joes!

The grey guy...that's Totoro

Kate made the sign for the door

Edible acorns
Coloring pages
Nature Scavenger Hunt

Umbrella bean bag toss
Collecting acorns

After last years saddness when we cut Millie's cat cake...we elected last minute to serve cat cupcakes at the party since I had made cupcakes for her actual birthday a few days before and we still had them. Silly I know...why not eat the cake you made for the party... but it made Millie so happy!

Opening presents...Millie has such sweet friends! They know her so well and we so generous.

And playing in the Cat bus...

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  1. Looks like a perfect party for Millie! You have outdone yourself again, Hay, the cake and decorations are adorable. Have you cut the cake yet? I'm glad Millie loves kitties so much. She and Mistek had a connection from the beginning when Millie was a tiny baby. Happy Birthday to Millie, our 3 year old!