Monday, October 10, 2016

Millie's Birthday Week

With getting home Tuesday October 4th I knew we'd arrive home to a busy week of unpacking and getting settled back into our regular routine but also wanted to make it a special week for Millie! I wrapped her presents before we left and tried to get a lot of the things for her upcoming party done before we left. And it paid off and helped make the week go smoother.

Tuesday morning Millie woke up to a pile of presents and spent the day on many phone calls and Facetimes. She got some awesome presents from us, grandparents, and cousins. I think her very favorite though was the Meow Bus stuffed animal from Kate and Henry! She pretty much hasn't put him down since.

Millie LOVES Ariel and was so excited about getting her own doll
Kate rushed upstairs to grab her Rapunzel to match Millie
A water/sand table from Grandma and Papa

Lining up her toys from us

Chocolate chips pancakes per the birthday girls request
After dropping off Kate at school and talking to grandparents we headed to Tot Town, probably Millie's favorite activity to go to. It's open twice a month and just so happened to fall on her birthday. Pretty perfect!

From Grandma and Grandpa B
After Tot Town we headed to lunch at Chick-fil-a and I guess the birthday girl partied a little too hard and fell asleep on the way home! When Tim got home we celebrate with kitty cat cupcakes and ice cream!

The rest of the week was spent meeting up with friends at some of Millie's favorite places, picking out treats while we ran some needed errands, lots of playing, a mommy/Millie watching of The Little Mermaid and preparing for her party that would be on Saturday.

Best little helper
Watching Ariel with her Ariel doll

Waking up Saturday morning and seeing the Meow Bus Tim made and the Meow Bus I made! She LOVED them!

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  1. What a special birthday for darling Millie! These are such cute pictures of her with all her fun presents. Wish we could have been there to celebrate with you too!