Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Colorado Here We Come

Before we ever even left Iowa City we knew we'd be going to Colorado in October 2016 for one of Tim's closest med school buddy's wedding! We couldn't wait to reunite with old friends from both med school but also from the two years we had lived in Denver. And Kate was crazy excited to go back to her birth place and wanted to be sure we visited our old apartment and go see the hospital where we was born.

What seemed like a lifetime to wait for a 5 year old the time finally came for us to go! Tim fortunately got Tuesday afternoon off before his week vacation time began and Kate had an early dismissal day at school so we took the opportunity to get a jump start on our drive and headed out at 1:30pm. We weren't even in the car 10 minutes before Millie fell asleep! The drive went really well. I am very thankful that the kids do so awesome in the car and traveling. Henry of course has his harder moments but overall did awesome too. Kate's kindergarten teacher sent her home with a large packet of work she would be missing that she needed to complete.  I initially was kind of upset...I mean hello it's only kindergarten...but it turned out to be an awesome thing. It was a good thing to keep her busy and she really enjoyed going it. Win win!

We stopped in Monticello, Utah for the night! We stayed in a decent little motel (with free breakfast) and drove by the temple on the way out of town.

Backseat buddies
Reunion #1
Then Wednesday we were able to stop in Grand Junction, CO and visit our old friends from our time in Denver, the Fowlers. Brent was a second year medical student when we moved to Denver and became friends. They also didn't have any children... now we both have 3 kids each and they have completed residency and settled into attendinghood. It was SO fun to stop by and see them. Brenna made us a delicious lunch and the girls loved running around and playing. We hadn't seen them since they had stopped by and spent the night at our house in Iowa as they drove to Maine for residency over 4 years ago. It is amazing how all these years later we could just pick up right where we left off. Good friends last forever that is for sure. We actually also ended up staying at their place on our way back to Phoenix. Thanks Fowlers!

After leaving Grand Junction we made it to the gorgeous mountains and we just couldn't get enough of the changing leaves and huge peaks. I guess not having a real Fall these past two autumns made the colors especially impressive. Pictures do not do it justice!

Before making our way to our condo in Breckenridge, CO it just so turned out that Tim's best buddy and office mate from grad school works from home now and lives in Silverthorne, CO (which is like a 20 minute drive from Breck). So we were able to stop by and see Ben and he even had just over for dinner!
Reunion #2
We got a gorgeous rental townhome in Breck. Kate and Millie were so excited about the bunk beds in their room!
Then late late Wednesday Tim's best friend from med school, Greg and his wife Elizabeth met up with us to enjoy a few days in the mountains before heading down to the valley for Sam's wedding! Greg and Elizabeth were like an aunt and uncle to the girls in Iowa City. If you recall, Kate was actually the flower girl at their wedding a year and a half ago! You should have seen the sweet reunion when she woke up to see they had arrived on Thursday morning! I'm pretty sure Kate especially didn't leave them alone for a single second while we were together! They are true friends! I mean heck they voluntarily chose to share a place with our crazy crew!

Kate loved sharing the back seat with Greg and Elizabeth
We didn't have a whole lot planned...other than just take in the beautiful mountains and fall. We did some hiking, being outside, just being together and a whole lot of laughter!

Kate couldn't wait to pick out a souvenir. She found this Colorado-flag like hat and fell in love! She wore it the rest of the trip!
Playing at the park

One rainy afternoon we decided to go check out Breck's little children's museum. When we walked in I couldn't believe how small it was. But it was amazing! Although small it had amazing exhibits and the girls totally loved it!

The girls loved doing color experiments

The girls seriously spent 45 minutes in this stage/dress up area! It was so fun! I think they tried on just about every costume and performed many many songs! It was really fun too they had a camera hooked up showing you on a giant tv. It was a hit!

Tim starting Henry early on a career in medicine :)

We even saw a fox in our "backyard" one day!

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