Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Back in Aurora

Monday, our last day in Colorado we headed over to our old stomping ground in Aurora! We first had to say good-bye to Greg and Elizabeth which was really sad. We had such a fabulous time with them and boy were they good to our kids! I'm sure it was an eye-opening experience spending just about 24 hours with us for 5 days. Anyway...we dropped them off at the capital and drove straight down Colfax Ave.

It was crazy to see how the Anschutz Medical Campus, University of CO Denver's campus where Tim did grad school, had changed! Entirely new hospital buildings and wings were everywhere. Our first stop was The Medical Center of Aurora, the hospital where I delievered Kate. There obviously wasn't anything to see but Kate wanted to walk into the lobby and we snapped a couple pics. We then drove over to our old apartment and Tim and Kate were happy to see the back door was propped open so they could sneak in and take a picture by our door! So many wonderful memories from that time in our life!

It was pretty crazy...we moved to Colorado 3 weeks after getting married...we had Kate 3 weeks before we moved to Iowa...and now here we stood with our 3 children!

We then dropped Tim off so we could go visit and have lunch with his thesis advisor while the kids and I stopped by my WIC office. It was so wonderful to see a few of my ladies and see their new fancy space!

We then grabbed lunch and stopped at Nugg's Ice Cream before hitting the road to begin our drive home! Colorado you were real! We loved visiting! Kate especially loved visiting and is now wishing she could live there!

I captured this picture as we drove through Monument Valley...it is so gorgeous!

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