Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Amelia- 3 years old

Happy 3rd Birthday to our sweet Amelia! This girls exuberance for life is contagious! She also crazy stubborn and can throw quite the fit when things don't go her way! But we sure love her and can't imagine life without her!

Here's a little update on our favorite 3 year old:
  • She's silly! She's always laughing and trying to do funny things. 
  • She has this...cackle might be the right word that she makes all the time after she says something funny! 
  • Her hair is getting long! She often insists on two pig tails or new this week wants "only 1 like 'Let It Go' (what she calls Elsa)!"
  • She's got the best imagination! She plays SO well on her own. I love hearing her play! She does amazing voices for her princesses and figurines. And she and Kate play so well together. I love what close sisters they are and how much fun and imaginative pretend play to do together.
  • She talks really loud! 
  • Crazy cat lover! Tim and I joke that she spends at least 40% of her life impersonating a cat! When being a cat she always asks, "you know my name? I'm Mistek. You know the color of my with a little bit of orange." She always loved cats...has for the longest time and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere!
  • Lover of Cookie Monster, Minnie Mouse, Olaf, and Ariel.
  • Favorite toys: her dress up Minnie and Daisy, Kate's mermaid barbie and Magnatiles. She still loves Magic Clip princesses a lot too.
  • Favorite book: Madeline. She knows most of it by heart now and especially loves when Miss Clavel says, "something is not right!"
  • Favorite show: She's really into Shimmer and Shine but also loves Aristocats, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Little Einsteins.
  • Over the last month has decided that she needs to carry not only her pink swaddle blanket but also her white one with pink flowers on it everywhere. She calls her blankies "her kitties" and has refers to them as Coco and Mistek. 
  • Is so polite! She does 't always say "please" but she ALWAYS says thank you! 
  • She really is a great helper! She loves getting clean diapers (and insists that she pick out the ones with Cookie Monster on them) and throwing away dirty diapers of Henry's. She loves helping Kate whether it be cleaning up or grabbing something and loves to get toys for Henry. She is a really great sibling! I love it!
  • She's a great eater! She's eat almost anything thank goodness (cause Kate won't). She especially loves nectarines, clementines, beans (especially refried beans and chips), lentils, the stems of broccoli (she doesn't like the florets), cereal with milk, peanut butter sandwiches (with no crust) and goldfish crackers. 
  • Potty training...oh man. This girl has been potty trained for a long time...but for some reason has still yet to figure out going number two. Not sure why she can't figure it out but I'm getting pretty dang tired. We've thought about just putting her back in diapers since no prize/no bribe seems to work but she freaks out when we've tried putting her back in diapers and I'm just not willing to bin her down and duct tape them on. So I guess we'll just keep hoping it clicks sometime sooner than later!
  • I someone totally spaced her 3 year old well-child check last week...I think with getting back from our trip and birthday plans it just slipped my mind. Stats to come! 

Millie insisted that we take some picture with her new beloved Meow Bus stuffed animal!

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