Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Third Week of October- Grandma B Visits

What a great week! Grandma B came to visit and we had such a great time together! We enjoyed lots of play time, some yummy meals out, Tim and I got to attend the temple and we went the the amazing Butterfly Wonderland! Oh and I got our Halloween costumes finished! Yay!

Kate also had an exciting week at school. It was her turn to be the Star Fish Student!!! She got to bring Freddie (see above) home, be the line leader at school each day, present her "All About Me" poster to her classmates as well as bring special daily things to show her class (like her favorite stuffed animal, a treasure from her favorite vacation, her favorite book etc). Kate loved it! It was so fun to see her shine!

Other big news...I cut my hair! I chopped off 6 or 7 inches! 

Lots of walk and swinging time with Grandma!

Millie is still struggling with the second part of potty training...although we've had a few more successes...enough she earned her "Sparkly Ariel!" 

Grandma B also got to see Kate at gymnastics!

Millie especially enjoyed having Grandma here! With spending more time at home for Henry to take his naps...especially his morning nap Grandma B was more than happy to play games, hide and seek, Princess, and Minnie and Daisy! I loved walking in on this scene!

Like I mentioned...our Halloween costumes are now complete! I stayed up late a couple nights and with Kim here got a bit more sewing down during nap times! Kate decided long ago she wanted to be Alice in Wonderland! I thought last year just might be the last year we could do a family theme...but quickly realized with Millie's cat-fascination...as long as their is a cat or cat-like creature involved Millie will totally go for it. It took no convincing Millie to go along with Alice in Wonderland. She took to the idea of being the Cheshire Cat immediately. Monday night I sewed the stripes together to make my fabric. When Millie woke up in the morning she wrapped herself up in her "Cheshire blanket" and cried when I cut out the pants. Fortunately when she woke up Wednesday morning to a completed pair of pants complete with tail she decided it was okay that I cut into "her new blanket." She is so in love with her Cheshire Cat costume!!! I love it!

Just a cute picture of our sleeping Henry boy! Wednesday we headed to tot town for some fun!

Picking up Kate from school. Grandma B stayed home so I didn't have to wake up Henry! It was SO nice!

Millie excited to show me her tail! And below morning drop-off was so much more fun with Grandma there!

Just needing a zipper

I tried this yummy new sausage tortellini soup. It was delicious and tasted like Fall...it has just a little apple cider that made it taste so yummy!

We enjoyed lots of bike rides and walks while Kim was here too! It's still about 95 degrees midday but is starting to cool off. I think I saw the highs next week are lower 90s followed by a high of 85 degrees on Halloween!

We also enjoyed showing Kim Tim's hospital. We met up for lunch on Friday! 

On Friday we also had Kate's parent teacher conference! It still feels a little crazy that we are old enough and in that phase where we have to go to parent teacher conferences. It was fun to see Kate's poster hanging up in her classroom as well as see her life-size body tracing and other art work hanging up! Oh and pretty fun to hear her teacher tell us how awesome and smart she is!

Kate's is the girl wearing blue polka dot fabric and a red rose in her hair!

Then Friday evening Tim's cousin (whose husband is in optometry school at Midwestern University) invited us to the school's family Halloween bash! We got there a little late and actually missed the Trick-or-Treating part but the girls were just happy to get to dress up and loved playing in the bouncy houses, decorating cookies, and heck they had snow cones!

Check out that sisterly love...I loved watching them hold hands and take care of each other while they waited in line!

Then Saturday after Kate's Primary program practice we headed over to discover the Butterfly Wonderland! Kate has been wanting to go for awhile now. Our next door neighbor and friend told Kate all about it. It was SO IMPRESSIVE! Not only do they have this incredible conservatory filled with about 4,000 butterflies that are flying all around you that you have to be careful not to step on them and they even land on you they also have this amazing "Emergence Gallery" filled with hundreds of chrysalis' hanging up row by row! It was my favorite part!

Kate got scared a few times with all the butterflies flying about but overall the girls loved it! The 3D movie about the monarch butterfly (Kate's favorite butterfly) migration was even fun! Kate insisted on flapping her wings for the pic on the butterfly bench followed immediately by little sis.

The butterflies especially seemed to like our sweet Henry! Maybe just because she didn't move as much as everyone else walking about. But it was pretty crazy to see them just chill on his head and Henry didn't mind and even seemed to like it!

The girls also loved carrying around the little map and enjoyed circling and identifying which butterflies we had seen!

Totally random...but I just love this fairy that Kate drew this week. Her name is Isla and she's darling!
We also spent the weekend cheering on our Dodgers...although sadly Saturdays loss ended our World Series shot.

Oh and I just had to include this that popped up in my Instagram feed...too funny!