Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Second Week of September

We had a pretty great week followed by and epic weekend! I'm quite enjoying these weekly posts. Although they aren't terribly exciting it will be fun to look back and see the week to week activities of our life! Poor Henry...all this scooting, rolling and moving gets him in some pretty sticky situations! It's pretty dang cute although he only thinks it's funny for a few minutes then needs to be rescued!

Silly Millie had some pretty good falling asleep moments this week! I particularly loved this one because I swear while I was in the kitchen doing something I could hear her playing and seriously one second later I heard nothing. I rushed in thinking she was pooping her pants to find her passed out on the floor with princesses scattered about! Cute girl!

An awesome picture Kate drew for Millie! For those of your familiar with the film will recognize the Cat Bus. Totoro is in purple too. For those of you that are asking what is's a Japanese anime movie that somehow Disney adopted or something. One of our closest med schools introduced it to Kate and she immediately loved it. It's been a real family favorite for both girls and Millie is particularly attached to the large cat bus. So much so in fact that she has requested a "meow bus" birthday party this year! It's going to be awesome! Stay tuned!

I put Henry in his play gym while I went to take care of something...only to come back and find him chomping on some princesses the girls left out. I still get excited/nervous when I go back to the place I laid him down and he's not there!

Henry started solids this week! He isn't a huge fan or rice cereal. Most of it ended up on his face and bib. But he seems to be liking squash and green beans a bit more. But he adores biting and playing with the spoons! It's a slow process but he seems to be coming along just fine. Millie is especially excited to tell everyone she talks to now that not only does "Henry eats Mommy milk" but also exclaims "and rice cereal."

Family home evening yogurt stop at Menchies!

One day while I was folding laundry I was overwhelmed by feelings of gratitude. This mom job is not easy. In fact the last few months I've especially felt like a pretty crumby mom at times. It's easy to get discouraged or overwhelmed and as I look at my to do list and go through our daily routine complete with homework, violin practicing, making time for playing, and everything else it is just sometimes really hard. But as I folding these little clothes this night I was really struck with feelings that I am doing a good job, it isn't easy but keep going, you can do it. And look how lucky you truly are to get to care of these sweet three kids! I am always extremely thankful for moments like this that keep me going and keep me in check!

Kate started a little gymnastics class at the rec center this week! She already loves it and it's really fun to have a few little friends from church in the class too! Millie will start a little tumbling class in November. I wanted to wait until she's 3 so I didn't have to accompany her. And here's a picture of Kate below at her violin lesson. Violin is coming along slowly. We've had some discouraging times of practicing and me wondering if this was worth it. But after a great conversation with a close friend that teaches violin as well as discussions with Kate's teacher I am feeling better about things. We've switched up our routine and are now practicing before school which has made a WORLD of difference and started a little sticker chart for listening during our practice time to help motivate her.

I love catching these sisters imagining and playing so well together! They are such good buddies and have so much fun together! And here's Millie being my big helper! I'm still not over having Kate gone at school everyday! We miss her A LOT! But I am sure thankful that I get some special time with Millie and Henry each day! Millie has grown up a lot and takes her role as big sister pretty serious these days!

The other day as I was chopping up some vegetables for dinner, Henry bent down and snagged a scape piece of celery. I decided I'd let him play around with it for a bit...and boy did he love it!

Then Friday we headed out of town to go camping! We'd talked about wanting to go all summer and it just hadn't happened. In looking at the calendar these last few months there ended up being only one weekend where Tim didn't have to either work late Friday or on Saturday. So as this weekend approached I told Tim we better seize the opportunity or we'd miss our chance. We tentatively said we'd go but then my laziness started to set in and I wasn't so sure I was motivated enough. Monday night as I was texted my friend Chelsea I just happened to ask her if they liked going camping. She isn't a huge fan but turned out her husband loves going. I told her we were wanting to go and invited them along. And guess what they wanted to come! So Friday we packed up and drove about 2 hours north towards Flagstaff and had a fabulous little campout. The girls were SO excited and couldn't stop talking about it all week. Fortunately their expectations were filled by the joys of roasting hot dogs, seemingly unlimited s'mores, playing outside under the stars, getting to be with our best buddy Lola, staying up late and bagels and oj for breakfast!

It got down to ~45 degrees that it was cold. But we were prepared! Henry did okay! He was actually awesome just hanging out in my ergo carrier much of the time. But he didn't sleep so well. We've camped with a baby before and it has gone well. But I'm not sure if it was a combination of teething and/or gas perhaps associated with the new introduction or solids or maybe even just being in a new bed in chilly weather but Henry was up 4 times which wasn't super fun. The girls went to sleep quickly, slept through Henry's crying and slept till exactly 6am. Fortunately despite Henry's rougher night he woke up a happy guy and we had a great rest of our morning before we headed back to Phoenix.

Poor Henry had to wear his sister's pink floral sleep sack!

Kate and Lola
Henry's first time camping!

Forgot to include this amazing picture Kate made at school of all the states where we were each born. That "A" is for Amelia in Iowa, "H" for Henry in Arizona, "M&D for Mom and Dad in Utah, "K" for Kate in Colorado and the "G" is for Grandma and Grandpa B in Ohio...although they were not born there but did recently get back from serving a mission there :) And then Kate also grew this sweet picture of ours and the Gibbons tents from our camping trip complete with a campfire with chairs around it and stick figures of each family member.

We got home from camping around noon on Saturday. We gave the girls baths and then started the count down to the biggest event of the season...the Princess Ball. Our stake (larger church unit) hosts a Princess themed daddy daughter date complete with dancing, treats, a little craft, and even a photographer. The girls had been dreaming of going to the ball for weeks! You should have seen Kate the week they passed out the invitations in Primary. It's for girls age 3-12...Millie isn't 3 quite yet but we figured since she was only 2 weeks away she could go too. Saturday afternoon seemed like an eternity but soon enough it was time go get dressed for the ball. I let the girls decide if they wanted to wear a pretty dress they had in their closet or a dress up. Kate chose a regular dress while Millie insisted on wearing a dress up. I did their hair to their request and we even put on a little blush and lipstick. It was so fun to see them so giddy and then get the full report when they returned. I was SO thankful that Tim had the time off from work. He was a perfect prince for our two princess girls! What a sweet outing! 

Kate has this Princess book that is all about how to be a princess. She insisted on taking a picture with said book!
When I told her to pose like a princess this is what I got...
Here's Millie's princess pose

And here's a few pics Tim snapped while at the ball.


  1. I love your laundry thoughts.... I have found myself thinking similar things as I fold lots of little clothes late at night. It's funny, I always feel most grateful for my kids when they're asleep. Haha! Love those princess poses. And way to go camping! It's so much work and I get lazy about it too. How do you have time for violin lessons and gymnastics with Kate?? Are they on Saturday? I'm scared to put Oakley in a class or lessons because I feel like her kindergarten days are so long. You are super mom! Keep it up!

  2. Camping looks like so much fun! Somehow we never made it out this year which is a total bummer! And what a fun activity for your stake to do. I love it!

  3. You are such a good mommy, Hayley! I love that you wrote about your feelings of gratitude when you were folding the kid's clothes. I'm thankful that you recognize your blessings, you truly are so very blessed! I love all these photos of you darlings! I am in awe of all you do!