Thursday, September 15, 2016

Henry- 6 months

This boy has just stolen our hearts! Seriously... we can't seem to get enough of his sweet smiles and happy disposition! When you are smiling and talking with Henry everything just seems okay! Henry has been growing up a lot these last few weeks. 

  • He is almost ready to crawl! He gets up on his hand and knees and bounces. With rolling and scooting he moves a lot and can cover a lot of ground. Those first few times of laying him in his play gym and coming back to get him and finding him 5 feet away playing with some princesses the girls left out is just crazy! 
  • Henry started on rice cereal this week! He doesn't seem to like it much but he loves playing with and chomping on the spoon! Squash, green beans, sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, and then fruit are on the agenda...coming soon!
  • We are really getting an established routine. It's nice but also takes some getting used to. He will fall asleep in the car during errands or while we are out having a morning adventure but really does better napping at home. So we've been trying to be home more (which isn't easy) but worth it. Henry naps from approximately 9-11am then 1-3pm. And as far the last 2 week or so eats at 6:30pm and is in bed at 7pm for the night. He then wakes up at 5-5:30am to eat. And then wakes up at ~7:30am for the day. I've tried to play around with it a little to see if we could just skip that 5am feeding but he seems determined to keep it for now :)
  • Favorite things: watching and laughing at his big sisters, being held (especially during that special 5-6pm when I'm trying to prep and serve dinner), listening to daddy play the guitar, his toy salt shaker rattle, chewing beads, and honestly the nearest princess figurine that seems to be ever present on the floor by Henry! 
  • Adores bath time! Loves to splash!
  • He's also really loving least putting them in his mouth and looking at himself in the little mirrors in some of them!
  • New nickname...Tim recently started calling Henry "Grabby Gus" because he grabs everything and is so strong. Having him sit on your lap during a meal is tricky!
  • Size 2 diapers and although still fits in some of his 3-6 month clothes I pulled out the 6 month stuff we had and it fits better! 
  • Tummy sleeper through and through!
  • Is already starting to get stranger anxiety...what??? That's way too early!
  • Weight: 15.7 pounds (24%ile)
  • Length: 24.6 inches (3%ile...Poor kid)
  • Weight for length: 90%ile (He's short and stout)!
  • Head circumference: 16.7 inches (12%ile)

I love these pictures because it captures Henry's stage right now perfectly! Trying to get a picture of him laying on his back next to his bear is already impossible. I remember this happening with the girls but definitely not this early!

Another try the next day to get my stand quilt shot with Henry laying on his quilt next to his bear...


  1. What a handsome dude! You are so good at taking pictures Hayley! I can't believe how fast they go from newborns who can't do anything other than lay there, to moving and grabbing and showing their little personalities. I'm glad you got a schedule somewhat figured out. That is one of the harder things about having a kindergartner.

  2. I love all these cute pictures of Henry! He is so adorable! How do you get anything done, Hayley? He really is growing up quickly. Hard to believe he is already six months old! Thank you for sharing your precious pictures so we can see what he is doing!