Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Good-Bye August, Hello September

We had a really great week. We are still getting in our groove but it's coming along and most importantly so is Henry's napping routine! Boy had I forgotten how important getting those naps in really is! It's pretty hard to believe August is over and September is here. I guess it's the fact that it's still so hot here...we don't get a traditional fall...and temperatures do drop but not for awhile longer.

My childhood friend Mary and her husband Derek lost their sweet baby girl, Marjorie, at the age of 2-1/2. This week marked what would have been her 4th birthday. To celebrate and honor her they invited everyone to visit the temple nearest you. Before Marjorie could say "temple" she called the temple, "the happy!"  So Sunday we headed up to spend some time walking around the beautiful Phoenix temple! I still can't believe that we can jump in our car and be there in about 15 minutes. When we lived in Iowa City...we had to drive almost 2 hours to Nauvoo, IL to go to our nearest temple. It is such a blessing to live so close to the temple...not to mention there are 2 more that are within a 45 minute drive! I am forever thankful for the temple and my knowledge and testimony of eternal families!

It was the perfect Sunday activity and beautiful start to our week!

Henry just looking so cute! This picture doesn't necessarily show it but he is on the move...scooting and getting up on his hands and knees. He'll be crawling in no time!
Wednesday a friend offered to watch Millie and Henry so I headed to the temple to do a session. It was just what I needed.

Some museum fun with our friends Franklin and McKensie. It just didn't feel right being at the museum without Kate :(
More pictures of sleeping Millie
Friday we went to get Kate's hair cut. I wasn't entirely sure what we were going to do. I assumed at least even up...since she used to suck her thumb and twirl her hair her right side has never grown as much. As we drove to my friend Kellie's house Kate told me she wanted to look like Kit Kittridge, the American Girl doll...so that's just what we did! We both love how it turned out!

What started out as last minute plans to get together for dessert with some of our dearest friends turned into a Friday night party...complete with dinner, dessert, and games for the adults as the kdis watched a movie! It was a blast. Sure thankful for our "Phoenix family." 

Loved seeing these 4 sit on our bench

Then Saturday was GAME DAY! We were dressed in our Cougar gear by 8am per Kate's request! I had been anxiously awaiting this day since finding out that our Cougars would be playing their season opener in our city and since Tim surprised me with tickets!

They've always played well together...but also fought...but it seems like since Kate started school there is much more of this...I love hearing walking in on this and hearing their sweet conversations!

Before the game...I took the kids to our favorite first Saturday of the month activity...the Home Depot Kids Workshop. This month they made an actually useful white board. Tim even ended up getting done at the hospital early and meet up with us at the tail end.

Then Saturday Tim, Henry and I made our way over the University of Phoenix Stadium (Home of the NFL Cardinals). Originally we planned to take Henry with us but as it got closer I started wondering how he really would do. He had taken him to multiple DBack games but he had been younger and baseball is a bit calmer than foootball. Ultimately though I decided it would be best to bring him along...plus he was so ready for his first game! I'm happy to report he did great! I actually thought after feeding him right around when he normally eats and then goes to bed that he'd just sac out in his carrier but I guess there was just too much to look at and he didn't want to miss the game (see picture a few below).

You can see a clear division between fans in the end zone seats
Didn't want to miss the game!
I ended up missing most of the first quarter feeding him and walking around and riding the escalators until he finally fell asleep. He then slept the rest of the game on my chest and even with all the craziness stayed asleep until the the last few minutes of the game! Good boy! So it didn't go quite as smoothly as I had hoped (We did end up moving up higher so it wasn't so loud and crazy around us and I couldn't cheer as loudly and proudly as I normally would) but it really turned out well and we were just so happy to be there! Oh how we LOVE BYU Football! And we love it even more when they win! It was a little too close for my liking but it was sure exciting! And a perfect way to begin our Fall/Labor Day weekend kick off!

And then while I'm at it I figured I'd include our Labor Day festivities. Kate was super excited to hear that she had the day off. But she also wanted to know how we were supposed to celebrate Labor Day! I explained that for most people nowadays Labor Day is a celebration of the end of summer with BBQs and pool visits. The girls have been working on listening better, more specifically listening the first time we ask them to do something. They have been earning pom poms (aka puff balls as Millie calls them) in a jar with the goal when it was filled that we could take them mini golfing. The girls finally filled up the jar a few days ago so it was the perfect time to go do something a little different from our norm. 

We packed up and headed over to Cracker Jax for some intense golfing. The girls had a really great time. Tim beat me by 3 strokes, darn it. And Henry slept on me in the carrier the whole time. I attribute my lose to the fact that I had a little boy strapped to me. Good excuse, right?!

Tim had to work that afternoon and then somehow we miscommunicated about our evening plans. We had even talked about how we were going to BBQ but somehow it didn't register or something...anyway...turns out Tim had to cross-cover at the hospital and work until 10pm. I was pretty disappointed but not 20 minutes after the realization that Tim was not going to be home for our little BBQ our dear friends, the Wrights, invited us over for swimming and a BBQ at their house! 
So we had a great evening too full of fun, good friends, and delicious food! Although summer weather is certainly still going strong here it was fun to celebrate and kick off Fall. 

Henry woke up right after I finished the last hole...perfect timing!


  1. Look at all the fun things you have been doing! So great that you and Tim and Henry got to see BYU play in Phoenix, 1st game of the season and a big win! We love you and we miss you so much. Keep having fun and remember that we are thinking about each one of you, Hay!

  2. Too many things to comment on.... I just started using Pom poms in a jar as rewards too! We call them poof balls like Millie. They work great for Oakley but not so much for Peter. So glad Tim surprised you with tickets to the big game! He knows you well. :) I love the selfies of you with Henry in your byu gear. Now I'm really excited to go to the WV game. And I LOVE Kate's hair!! She looks just like Kit! I felt acutely the disappointment you described when you found out Tim had to go to work when you had a barbecue planned.... That feeling would describe intern year in a nut shell for me. What awesome friends you have to step in and save the day. 😀